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Eden Hand Arts

July 15th, 2008 · 83 Comments

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Eden Hand Arts, Dennis, Cape Cod

The first time I’d heard of jewelry from Eden is when Jess’s aunt Sally was over saying she had to bring in her daughter Michaela’s bracelet to get a new size. As she spoke about the place I realized what a cult following it has to those who live and frequently visit Cape Cod. And I realized how odd Eden is when she told the story of how she has a pair of earrings and lost one. She went to the store to buy another and they were so particular about them that they wouldn’t sell her the a replacement for the lost earring without seeing the one she still had first. Apparently, the earrings were of fish – herrings – and the eyes face each other, if worn properly. Therefore, they didn’t want to sell her the wrong one and since she didn’t have the other with her, they refused the sale. Picky, some would say, but really they are just very, very strict about what goes out of the shop and how it is worn.

Eden Hand Arts, Dennis, Cape Cod

We were intrigued by Sally’s stories and by stories we heard in the following days. It seemed that all of Jess’s family had jewelry from Eden, or a story at least. Jess even had their “Cape Cod Screwball” bracelet, which is their original and most well-known piece. Julie and I decided we had to see the place. The Eden showroom is actually located in a tiny little cabin in Dennis – kind of hidden away. There’s no parking aside from the driveway of the house next to the cabin. I assume this is the house the owners live in. If you park on the road they’ll come out and tell you to move it or get towed. We barely squeezed into a parking space in the driveway. Next we walked over to the store area and there was a line. Never mind the fact that they’d just opened 10 minutes ago. There was a line already. It didn’t seem long, but since the store is really just a tiny cabin with 2-3 people working in it, and they give individual attention to each person that walks through the door, it actually took a while to make it in.

Eden Hand Arts, Dennis, Cape Cod

Other Eden oddities: You can’t enter the store until you’re asked to come in. They’re only open from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and only on four days of the week. Cash and checks only, no credit or debit cards. They won’t mail anything anywhere. You can bring a wrist measurement and buy a bracelet, but you can’t bring a neck measurement and buy a “neck wire,” which I think is a hard, shaped necklace. They must get a lot of people making fakes because they have signs up about how this store is the only place you can buy their merchandise. It’s not in other stores, it’s not online, it’s not called anything else.

Eden Hand Arts, Dennis, Cape Cod

So, when we finally got into Eden, our party – Jess, Julie and I – is taken care of by the sweetest grandmother-ish woman. We were not rushed, hence the line, and she let us look at and try on anything we wanted. There was no pressure to buy, the jewelry sells itself. Eden stands behind the jewelry they make. A woman came in with a broken bracelet and they replaced it. Just like that. They asked her a few lifestyle questions so they could maybe determine how it was damaged, but she was in and out with a completely new bracelet in 10 minutes flat.

Julie’s Eden bracelet and herring ring

Julie’s Eden herring ring

So, what did we get? Jess got a sterling silver Cape Cod open bracelet to be worn with her other sterling silver Cape Cod bracelet, which she had at home. Julie got the classic Cape Cod bracelet (single ball, like the one Jess had at home) in two-tone gold and sterling silver. She also got a sterling silver herring ring. And me? I got the two-toned 16″ necklace and a pair of two-toned earrings. Also, just like everything else, after you’ve been to Eden and bought some things, you start to notice everyone has them. At least everyone on the Cape.

Jessica’s Eden bracelet

Rachelle’s Eden necklace and earrings

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Celebrate We Will, Cuz Life is Short But Sweet for Certain

September 25th, 2003 · 17 Comments

Dave Matthews Band
Dave Matthews Singing All Along the Watchtower, Central Park, Manhattan

Tonight was the free Dave Matthews Band concert, raising money for public schools, at Central Park. Despite the fact that it was sponsored by AOL (bleh!) and that I haven’t really been “in to” DMB for a few years (I actually used to trade tapes back in the day!), I went and had a great time.

Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band
Pretty Colored Lights, Dave Matthews Band, Central Park, Manhattan

We had to stand in line for about two hours and when we finally got to the Great Lawn at about 7:45, the concert had already started. We settled in about 3/4 way to the back and enjoyed about 2 more hours of music. During the first encore.. or was it the second? there were a few, Lisa and I made our way closer to one of the video screens where we had a great view for the last song of the encore, All Along the Watchtower. I assumed that the show was then over because DMB has played that song last at each of the 3 previous shows I’d attended over the years. No one was moving so we hung out for a while.. finally deciding the show must be over we started to head towards the back to leave. Just then the lights went down and the band was back on stage. Lisa and I quickly made our way towards the stage, up as close as we could go until we got to the barrier that divided us from the VIP section. There we enjoyed the final encore.

Closer to the Stage, Dave Matthews Band, Central Park, Manhattan

Hippie Pot Smoke?, Dave Matthews Band, Central Park, Manhattan

I was really happy that the band decided to play many old songs.. many before their 1996 album, Crash. Those are my favorites – Granny, Ants Marching, Jimi Thing, One Sweet World, What Would You Say. I thought a great tribute would have been if they played a cover they do of Long Black Veil by Johnny Cash, but no dice. Still, the show was great and brought back many fond memories of my past obsession with the band, concerts I’ve been to and those I’ve attended with.

Big thanks to Dennis, Willow & Lisa for getting the tickets. Dennis isn’t very fluent in Davespeak. I was translating for him in between songs. He mentioned earlier in the day that he was looking forward to seeing All Along the Watchtower, but then had to leave before the song was played so I took these two clips for him:

� All Along the Watchtower 1 (mov, 376kb)
� All Along the Watchtower 2 (mov, 572kb)

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Welcoming Age 28

September 9th, 2003 · 11 Comments

2 for 1 Happy Hour
2 for 1 Happy Hour, Dennis & Yvan & Jeannette, No Moore, Tribeca, Manhattan

Dennis Has an Accident
Dennis Has an Accident, No Moore, Tribeca, Manhattan

Dallas BBQ
Dennis, Rachelle, Jeannette, Jessica, Lisa, Dallas BBQ, West Village, Manhattan

Dallas BBQ
Rachelle, Dallas BBQ, West Village, Manhattan

Pez is GoodStarting out a night by ordering 14 drinks for 4 people during a 2 for 1 Happy Hour will lead you to do bad things later on .. like spill beer, eat 10 bags of potato chips in 2.3 seconds, put Pez dispensers where they shouldn’t go, and eat your birthday dinner at the ever-so-classy Dallas BBQ.

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