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Delta Dental and an Alternate View

March 10th, 2005 · 11 Comments

Sun Times

So, Tuesday wasn’t the greatest day for me. I left work early to go to a dentist appointment and took this photo of the Sun-Times destruction site from across the river. When I got to the dentist’s office the receptionist discreetly asked that we settle financial matters first and asked me to pay her $450. Turns out Delta Dental makes patients pay for everything first and then reimburses for whatever they cover in your plan. So, I owed them $200+ from last time and over $200 more for this appointment. That’s what I get for upgrading to our PPO, I guess.

I love my dentist because everyone in the office takes their time and explains everything to you and treats you like a person. The dentist herself called my insurance company and figured out a pre-estimate I’ submitted. The dentist office staff were more than willing to work with me as far as payment and were really trusting of me given I’ve only been a patient of theirs for a little over a month. Still, the unexpected expense was just the icing on a really shit day and I had to excuse myself to the restroom down the hall to let it all out. After a good cry I happily went back in the office, put my iPod headphones on, and got my tooth drilled out.

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