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Upgrading to the iPhone 6

February 18th, 2015 · No Comments


In 2009, Dallas bought me my first smart phone for my birthday: the iPhone 3GS. In 2012, he upgraded me to the iPhone 5, again, for my birthday. About a month or so, he did it again. My birthday/Christmas gift was the iPhone 6. The reason for the delay was because I didn’t know if I really wanted it. Nothing was really wrong with my iPhone 5…. nothing except I was a few versions behind and it made me feel a little behind, given that we design and produce cutting edge applications at work. I didn’t want to get too far behind and left in the dust!

I’d been doing some testing for work on a Nexus 5 and the screen was about the same size as the iPhone 6, so I thought I was ready to take the plunge. But when I got the 6, is when I realized, testing didn’t involve trying to text or do anything while holding a baby in one hand! The size of the phone is quite a bit bigger and does make things difficult, what with my small lady hands, at times. I got the phone on a Friday over lunch and had about one weekend of regret. I traded in my iPhone 5 (they gave me $104 for it) so there was no turning back. It wasn’t long before I got used to it.

Now, I think the benefits outweigh the size disadvantages. After about two years of not actually reading a book, only listening on audio, I have now already completed reading three books on my new phone. I also really love the touch id feature. No more having to type in a code every time to unlock my phone. I just hold my finger or thumb on it for a second and boom. Love it. Apple Pay has also been cool to play with. I say “play” because the only place I’ve ever used it was at Walgreen’s. It would be nice if it was more widely accepted… maybe some day.

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New Years Eve 2014

January 1st, 2015 · No Comments


This year’s New Years Eve looked very different than previous years, as you can see. Makai’s daycare had the popular children’s performer, Mary Macaroni, in to perform and do a countdown to the new year at noon. Then the kids were all released early.


Later on we went to Jen and Chad’s house and stuck it out as long as Makai could make it (until about 9:30 p.m.). Maybe next year he’ll make it longer (or we’ll get a babysitter). This was the 9th year we’ve spent New Years Eve at Jen and Chad’s house!








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Christmas at our House

December 29th, 2014 · No Comments



My parents were visiting for the Christmas break from Wednesday (Christmas Eve) until Sunday. Then on Friday Jess and Stephanie came down. On Sunday Richard and Amanda joined everyone and we had our Christmas party.




I guess I didn’t get any photos of the fine meal that Dallas made. It was a Portuguese roast with vegetables. The recipe is from Dallas’s Aunty on Kauai and she makes it for him every time we go home. Amanda also made a nice salad and for dessert we had the homemade candy that my parents brought. ALSO, while Makai was taking his after-lunch nap, I had a fun (and delicious!) project for Jess and Steph. We made reindeer from Nutter Butter cookies. I thought they were going to be like Pinterest wrecks, but once they were dried and everything, they were pretty cute (and delicous!).









Later on we opened gifts. This was the first year that Stephanie joined the gift exchange between the adults. We just draw names, so we don’t have to buy for everyone. I had Steph’s name and she had mine! I got her an electric blanket for her cold dorm room and she got me a nice perfume that I’ve been wanting, some kind of new fangled Coke, and an awesome calendar personalized with photographs I’ve posted on Facebook over the past year or so! Even though Steph was in the name drawing, I could not resist buying her some small gifts. One of these was a selfie stick, which was fun to play with. I got Jess one too, since they don’t live in the same house any more!


Jess and I did not forget to take our photos by the hats we drew in 2010. We tried to take our photo with the selfie stick but after a lot of misfires, we just had mom take the photo. Look how much we’ve grown!


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