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Packers vs. Cowboys: A House Divided

January 11th, 2015 · No Comments




We had a full house with many friends coming over to watch the Packers vs. the Cowboys. Most people did not really care who won but knew the stakes were high in our family. Makai remained neutral, wearing a sweater with no logos, just a football on it. Nothing got too crazy. It was an exciting game and the Packers came out ahead in the end. I’m doing my best not to gloat.

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Banana Cake

December 10th, 2011 · No Comments

I made this banana cake the week that the Lions played the Cowboys. I remember because Ed (Detroit fan) came over to watch the game. Luckily Dallas was out of town that weekend, because the Cowboys lost bad in the second half. Anyway, banana cake was in the oven when Ed, a baker, arrived. The thing is, the middle fell and never cooked through. Ed and I weren’t sure what to do, so I pulled it out. I could have left the cake in the oven longer, but I didn’t want to burn the edges. We ended up just eating the outside parts and tossing the middle. Any tips on this? The cake was great otherwise.

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Limey’s Going Away Dinner (That Danny Cooked)

October 26th, 2011 · No Comments


On Sunday Danny invited a bunch of friends over to his house for football and dinner. This was one of Limey’s going away events. We couldn’t just have one party for him when we heard he has to leave, we had to throw a whole series!

During the games Danny made dumplings and flatbreads. One of the dumplings was filled with short ribs and the other had potatoes and bacon and a side aioli that made it taste just like a loaded baked spud. So delicious! There were three kinds of flatbreads – a Mediterranean one with a kalamata olive tampanade and feta, one with roasted tomatoes and pesto, and one with sausage and caramelized onions. These were all delicious too, but I especially liked the Mediterranean one.

There were Bears fans, Packers fans and one lonely Cowboys fan at the party and everyone’s team won, so everyone was happy. Although, I would have been happier if the Bears had lost. The weather was nice enough, so we were outside for a while. Quinn and Halle provided the entertainment for the party. I’m not sure Danny and Caroline’s dogs, Maggie & Duff, knew what to make of them, but they better figure it out because they’ll have a baby in the house in just a few months!

For dinner Danny made shrimp and grits. This was the second time I’ve had his shrimp and grits and it’s so delicious. The grits are so rich and creamy. I don’t know how he does it. Actually, I do, but I don’t like to think about it (cream, cream, cream!). Danny also made macaroni and cheese for the kids, which was a big hit with both the kids and the adults.

For dessert, I brought over White Russian cupcakes. I thought they combined two of Limey’s loves: Booze & Sweets. They turned out alright, but not as awesome as I’d hoped. Not as awesome as the Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes I’ve made (here, here). Danny also made beignets with chocolate sauce.

Somehow we rolled ourselves out of there at the end of the night! I’m not sad about saying goodbye to Limey yet because he’ll be here for a while and we have at least one more goodbye party to go to.

It should also be noted that it took us 12 whole minutes to get to Danny & Caroline’s house in Oak Park from our house. I think their house seems far because it’s not even in Chicago, but we live so far west, it’s so fast and easy.

Finally, I almost forgot, Quinn made us this Halloween decoration. It’s a drawing of a scarecrow. I think he has glasses? What a nerdy scarecrow. He told me that I had to hang it by our stairs, but I have it on the fridge:

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