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May 16th, 2006 · 7 Comments

Reagan National in DC is very patriotic, as expected.


Not that I’ve hung around urinals that much (I think I’ve actually seen one once), but these sinks at O’Hare look like they’re styled after urinals.

Pretty early morning photo of planes at O’Hare.

When did they start handing out coupons in-flight? Got this on my way to Newark.

For the record, I’d rather just wait for my bags, thanks.

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No Pudge

May 22nd, 2005 · 4 Comments


My mom works for Weight Watchers and sometimes she gets coupons for new dieting food and products that companies would like for her to push onto people in the Weight Watchers program. Of course, Weight Watchers has their own line of food and partnerships with companies so they don’t want their employees to use the unsolicited coupons. When my mom got ten coupons for free ice cream novelties from a new company called No Pudge, she split them up and gave them to me and Amanda.

I normally order my groceries from Peapod but they’re a little late to the party when it comes to new products and I’ve nver been able to get No Pudge there. Yesterday I had a few things I needed to pick up at Jewel so I took my No Pudge coupons along just in case Jewel carried their line. Jewel not only carried their line, but they were having a sale. Buy one get one free. I didn’t just get 5 No Pudge products free.. I got double that! And they aren’t cheap. .. at about $4.99/box and along with a few other coupons I had and the Jewel Preferred Card, I saved over $50 on groceries yesterday.

So, tease me about clipping and saving coupons if you’d like, but that’s a lot of dough. Call me a grandma, but I’ll be the grandma with a freezer full of free ice cream all summer long! Don’t forget, I still have all those coupons for free Haagen-Dazs to use yet! Now which one of you kiddies wants a treat?

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The Original Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop & Free Haagen-Dazs

May 12th, 2005 · 10 Comments



I don’t know where I heard about this contest or when I signed up for it but today I was Fed Exed my prize for winning. I got The Original Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop and seven coupons for free Häagen-Dazs Light ice cream. That’s enough coupons to try every one of their new light flavors.

The packaging says The Original Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop has been around since 1936, but I’ve never heard of it before. Its features are:

  • Cuts ice cream waste up to 20% with less compression and contamination
  • Self-defrosting fluid in the handle to make scooping and serving easy (it feels cold!)
  • No moving parts – nothing to break or wear out
  • Easy clean up – ice cream doesnt stick

Sounds sweet. Can’t wait to try it out to see if it’s all it seems to be. And not a bad prize. I checked on Amazon and Peapod and the total retail value is about $40.

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