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Goodbye Cory & Chris

October 10th, 2011 · 1 Comment

The truck was just a little bit gigantic!

Cory, Chris & Aunty Laura strategizing.

Doug played a lot of box Tetris inside the truck. Danny did a lot of heavy lifting.

Brad, Danny, Doug, Chris, Uncle BB, Kevin, Aunty Gail, Eddy, Bonnie

Tommy and Kenji had a ball running up and down the ramp. Look at mean Uncle Danny, though. He made them stop.

Meanwhile their brother Eddy chilled out with their grandma in the middle of the chaos.

Steve, Kevin, Doug, Chris, Danny, Uncle BB, Jeremy

Full truck. Time to make some tough decisions about what goes, what stays! Doug, Kevin, Chris, Steve

Eddy was born in January, Tyler in August. So much bigger than even a month ago!

Cory & Me. Some family members wouldn’t talk to me with that shirt on, but the game was that night!

On Sunday Cory and Chris had a Load The Truck/Moving party. Chris got a job in Vail, CO and actually left more than a month ago to work there. In the meantime, Cory packed up all their things. Chris came back this weekend to get her and all their stuff. They rented a truck and are driving out to Vail with their dog, Zoe.

I arrived to the party about an hour late and thought I would have missed a big chunk of the loading, but the truck wasn’t even there yet! And there were only about 8 people and 3 of them were pregnant (Caroline, Toni, Chris’s sister)! There was so much stuff, I thought we would be there all night. Slowly people showed up, all hoping they’d missed the bulk, but they did not! Aunty Laura said that is how the family works, but reminded me that Cory is a part of the family too and she knows that about everyone! haha. It turned out that everyone did their fair share of heavy lifting… well, except the pregnant girls, babies, and older aunties.

Dallas was on a flight to South Carolina for work, so I was there on my own and was willing to do whatever I needed to. Cory helped us when we moved to Roscoe Village and she and Chris have helped us with other things on numerous occasions, so we owed them that. Luckily it went pretty fast once we got going. I don’t think everything made it into the truck, though. I was sort of hoping the bike roof rack wouldn’t make it or this cool trunk they have wouldn’t and I’d be forced to take it for…. safe keeping.. but alas, those things fit in. They’ll be towing a car on the back of the truck, so hopefully they can fit some things in there too.

After the moving was done, we all had dinner. Aunty Laura made a whole spread of her famous flank steak, chili, salad, mac n cheese, cone sushi, char sui, and all sorts of things. Naoko made an Italian cream cake and like always, it was delicious!

Good luck, Chris and Cory! You guys will be missed!

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Do You Shotski?

February 3rd, 2008 · 5 Comments






I think shotski should be a new skiing event in the next winter Olympics.

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Are These Ever NOT Funny?

February 3rd, 2008 · 1 Comment

Jessica & Rachelle
Jessica & Rachelle, Keystone, CO

PaulBaker, Keystone, CO

Jessica & Justin
Jessica & Justin, Keystone, CO

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