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Showboat at the Lyric Opera

March 24th, 2012 · 2 Comments

It was St. Patricks Day! @Daley Plaza

Civic Opera House

Inside Civic Opera House

Inside Civic Opera House

This year my mom and I decided to do something different for our annual dinner-and-a-show night. We went to the opera! Fancy! I had been to the opera only one time before but it was not put on by Lyric Opera, which is one of the leading opera companies in the United States, and it wasn’t at the Civic Opera House, the second-largest opera auditorium in North America. And this was my mom’s first opera experience.

To make things a little more accessible, we decided to see Showboat, a show that originally debuted in 1927 as a musical on Broadway. I thought this was good for a few reasons: 1. it is an all American story in English, 2. it originated as a musical, which are the shows my mom and I have enjoyed the most in the past, and 3. it’s such an old show that we both recognized songs, so it would make things familiar. They did still have the words displayed above stage, even though it was in English and this was good because when things got really opera-y you could still read what they were saying, even if you couldn’t understand it by hearing.

We both enjoyed the show a lot. Before the show we had dinner with Dallas and dad at Buona Terra, an Italian restaurant nearby where we live. The next morning we had brunch at Revolution Brewing. Fun weekend again!

Here are all of the dinner-and-a-show days we’ve done over the years:

2011: Gosu & Beauty and the Beast
2010: El Nandu & Hubbard Street Dance
2009: Rhapsody & Jersey Boys
2008: Landmark & Dead Man’s Cell Phone at the Steppenwolf Theater
2007: Costello’s & Blue Man Group
2005/6: Hillary’s Urban Eatery (HUE) & Wicked
2004: Petterino’s & Mamma Mia
Ze Olde Days (1999?): Riverdance in Milwaukee
Ancient Times (1997?): Lorie Line

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The Civic Opera House

May 16th, 2007 · 3 Comments

Civic Opera House, The Loop, Chicago

I always admire the ornamentation on The Civic Opera House. I’ve been looking around online, but I can’t figure out who the artist/sculpture was.

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