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A Walk on California Avenue, Logan Boulevard, and Milwaukee Avenue

March 7th, 2013 · No Comments

Last weekend I wasn’t feeling the greatest but I was going stir crazy from being in the house too long, so I went out on a walk in Logan Square. I went north on California, west on Logan Boulevard, and then south east on Milwaukee Avenue. I was practicing using my 24-105 lens again. When I started off, I had the thought that I’ve walked this route so many times, there would be no photos to take. … but I like what I ended up with. There is always something new and interesting!

I always admire this sign at Sierra Tire Shop and Auto Repair, since I saw a guy hand painting it last summer… or the summer before.


I never really go to this car wash because there are other ones where you just drive through not too far away, but this self-service, coin operated car wash always reminds me of the old car wash in New London.

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Brooklyn has brownstones, Chicago has greystones.

Iglesia Central Hispana de los Adventistas del Septimo Dia, a church on Logan Boulevard, has beautiful columns in front.

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Two more of Iglesia Central Hispana de los Adventistas del Septimo Dia.

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On the left, Church of the Advent, on the right, another beautiful greystone.

Hand-in-hand, walking on the boulevard.

CTA Blue Line, Logan Square station.

A home-themed mural across the street from the Logan Square Blue Line station.

Half Italian is a newer shop on Milwaukee Avenue (opened Mar 2012). I’ve been following them on Facebook for ages, so I finally got to stop in. Cute! They serve sandwiches in the back and lots of Italian specialty groceries in the front.

Shop 1021 is another newer shop on Milwaukee Avenue (opened in June 2012 by the owners of Play). Nice place! Lots of books, stationary, gifts. I saw several things I wanted to buy, but resisted… for now!

Uncharted Books has been on Milwaukee Avenue since January 2012. This is a pretty cool used book store.

The eagle that sits on the top of the Illinois Centennial Monument at Logan Square.

Just some mural/graffiti that drew me in.

Never noticed this cute lobster on Las Islas Marianas sign.

Cool truck across from Dos de Oro. The place is still closing, though.

The building that Gaslight Coffee Roasters is in. This is a great coffee shop. It opened in the fall last year, I think.

Bank for savings. Not for ________.

El Condor! Literally!

CTA blue line train going into the California station.

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A walk on California, from Armitage to Milwaukee

February 22nd, 2013 · 1 Comment

Steve recommended Dodd Camera to me, so last weekend I took my camera there for a cleaning. I’d been noticing some spots in my photos and usually that means the sensor is dirty. I’ve had the camera for 6 years and have never gotten it cleaned, so I guess it was due! Anyway…. I didn’t wait around for the cleaning, but they called me to come pick it in less than 24 hours of when I dropped it off. Dodd is close enough to my house that that I walked there and back when I picked my camera up. On the way back home, I took some photos. This was with my 24-105 lens, which I need to practice on in the next month, in preparation for a trip! So, here are some photos I took on my walk from Dodd Camera, home.


Tastee Freez is an old time-y ice cream stand that is only open in the warm months.



I took Jess (B) there once for a sweet treat.


I noticed that Brand BBQ was all papered up. A sign on the door said that they’re doing renovations. Who knows if that’s true or not. Dallas and I ate there once when they first opened a few years ago and didn’t love it. I don’t think we’ve ever been back.


This part of Logan Square is really in flux. New stuff next to old stuff, more well off next to less well off.


Some of the buildings are really old and ornamental.


Some of the buildings are very new.


Salem Evangelical Free Church seems to have been around forever.


Here I spotted some graffiti made of wood. I can’t remember the artist who does this, but his “work” is all around Logan Square and Bucktown.


Bang Bang Pie used to be a food truck before they opened a storefront in 2011.


Ronny’s was a dive-y bar that closed in 2010 and has been empty since.


Funky old house.


I was taking some photos of the Chicago Fire Department, Station #43, when this happened:




Engine #43 has a Facebook page they use to stay in touch with the local community.


They’re also the station that responded to the fire behind our house. Thankful to have them so closeby!



This used to be Pancho’s, a Mexican/Puerto Rican restaurant/bar/performance space. Now it’s Township, an American, with a slightly Indian twist, restaurant/bar/performance space. I went to Township with Jess (G) once for dinner and it was decent. I’ve been meaning to go back.


Little Mel’s. One place I haven’t been!


Entrance to the California stop on the Blue Line.


Under the Blue Line tracks, facing northwest.

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An Avondale Walk

November 17th, 2012 · No Comments

I found these photos buried in my archives that were never published. They’re from a walk I took back in May of 2011 around an Avondale-ish area? On the border of Logan Square?

– – – – – – – – –
Walking North on California Avenue
– – – – – – – – –

Under the freeway.

Not sure what this is, but don’t park there!

The Orbit Room

No idea what this is.

Alpine Construction Porch Masters

Taqueria La Zacatecana

Valadez Wholesale Meats, Spinneys Supermercado

Urban Belly

Joseph’s Auto Service

Carniceria Guanajuato

Michelle’s Ballroom

– – – – – – – – –
Walking East on Belmont Avenue
– – – – – – – – –

Pork Shoppe

New condos.

Rows of older houses.

Peterson Picture Co.

Empty lot, church

I think it’s a Lutheran church.

Love these magnolia trees.

Graffiti on an abandoned construction.

Abandoned construction.

– – – – – – – – –
Walking South and East Along the Chicago River
– – – – – – – – –

Chicago River

Department of Streets & Sanitation

Redbox Workshop seems like a cool business.


Truck lot


No idea what this is.

Call of the Wild School for dogs

Innovative Process

Done-Right Auto Sales & Repair

I can’t find this recycling center online, but there were a bunch of homeless guys wheeling their carts of junk over there.

Wood World

Pretty sidewalk.

Pretty tree.

– – – – – – – – –
Walking South on Western Avenue
– – – – – – – – –

Newer condos

Older homes.

Public Storage

Tores Italian Beef & Pizza

[