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Hanging Out in Sausalito

November 29th, 2011 · No Comments

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Dallas and I have each travelled around the Bay Area for work and have done all of the standard touristy things and have seen many of the sights. For something different one day Billy & Ging took us to Sausalito, which is just north of San Francisco. Sausalito is an area I always wanted to check out anyway, so it worked out good.

For lunch we went to Bar Bocce, a place that Billy and Ging had been with friends before. The weather was a little chilly, but Bar Bocce’s great outside space had a lot of heaters, so that was not a problem. I had the shrimp po’boy made with Bay shrimp and Dallas had some New England-style clam chowder. Dallas had leftover Thanksgiving kalbi and katsu for breakfast and wasn’t that hungry so he only had garlic bread with his soup. Oh, I also had some salt cod fritters with aioli.

I thought all the food was good. And the view of the piers with the sailboats docked was awesome. The cool thing about Bar Bocce is that you can play bocce while you wait for your food. So we did. Except Dallas. Party pooper. I discovered a secret bocce skill, though, and won 3 of 4 games against Billy & Ging.

After lunch Ging stayed with Damien to nap in the car, but Billy, Dallas and I went for a walk around Sausalito. What a charming little waterfront town with the houses all built up onto a hill and a nice little commercial area that attracts a lot of tourists.. like us.

Yee Tock Chee Park is a cute little area with great views of Angel Island and San Francisco. The last time that Ging and Billy were in Sausalito they kayaked from the shore to Angel Island. Sounds like something fun to do.

After we passed by not one, but two, Lappert’s Ice Cream shops (started on Kauai) and a Crazy Shirts store (based out of Honolulu), Dallas joked that he must be back home in Hawaii. We, of course, had to stop at Lappert’s. It’s not the same in California as in Hawaii, but they still had Kauai Pie ice cream, so it was fine with me!

We strolled around a bit more and then headed back to meet up with Ging and Damien, who’d just woken up from his carseat nap.

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Legal Test Kitchen (LTK)

November 15th, 2010 · No Comments

Right next to the Boston Renaissance Waterfront was LTK, or Legal Test Kitchen. This restaurant is a part of the famous Legal Sea Foods chain, but at LTK there’s a new menu every six weeks.

On my last day in Boston I decided to check it out for lunch. Around noontime they were pretty packed so I just sat at the bar. The waitress gave me a menu and I ordered Legal Sea Foods’ clam chowder, of course. She also told me about something that wasn’t on the menu. It was a Caesar salad with lobster on it. SIX OUNCES of lobster. It was so much lobster…. as much as was on their lobster roll, but instead of in bread, it topped a salad. Here’s what it looked like:

Awesome, right? So awesome that the guy who sat down on my right and the lady who came in and sat on my right were both like “holey moley! what is that!?” and ordered it themselves! I should have gotten a commission on that salad. It was not a cheap salad, by any means, but it was so delicious!

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No Name Restaurant, Boston Fish Pier

November 12th, 2010 · No Comments

There were many delicious seafood restaurants around the Boston Renaissance Waterfront, where the UI 15 conference was held. I love seafood, so I made it my mission to sample as much as I could.

On Monday we had free time for lunch so I decided to check out No Name Restaurant on the Boston Fish Pier.

Actually, when I headed out, I didn’t realize that No Name was on the pier so I passed by the pier and had to circle back. Even when I realized where it was, I was still a bit unsure. This is what the pier looks like –

As you walk down the pier it’s pretty industrial looking. Like the sidewalks are really tall for big trucks to pull up and it seems like warehouses or distributors. Just keep walking. No Name is located on the right side, about 3/4 of the way down.

When I walked in a guy at the host stand immediately told me to go upstairs. I don’t even know if they have a downstairs dining room and it was full or what the deal is. Upstairs there were rows of long tables.

I chose to sit at the small bar, where I took the photo above. My waiter saw me take the photo and insisted that I let him take this photo of me –

Not to shabby. The menu at No Name is pretty simple. Just a photo-copied sheet of paper. Two sided. Seafood prepared different ways.

I decided to try the seafood chowder. It was SO chock full of seafood. Very meaty. It looks kind of strange, but was delicious.

I also ordered the broiled scallops for $10.95. I don’t know how many scallops I thought I would get, but it wasn’t 13. The scallops also came with piles of fries and coleslaw. What a deal!

When my waiter set the scallops down in front of me he said, “This plate is hot. Don’t touch the plate. If you touch the plate don’t make any noise.” Nice.

This last photo is dark, but you can see the harbor outside the restaurant windows.

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