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Isobar Chicago Inaugural Chili Cook Off

January 30th, 2015 · No Comments








What a fun event we had in the office today. I contemplated having Dallas help me and entering the contest, but in the end didn’t. I liked #9, Raf’s “Sin Beef Chili” the best. I could not pinpoint what was so great about it, but it was delicious. Just really good flavor. Raf ended up winning 1st place in the Best Flavor category! I also loved #3, Bill’s chili, which was made with short ribs. The meat was so tender and savory. Bill came in 2nd place over all! In the Most Unique category, Heidi placed first and Andrew came in 2nd.

1. I was really impressed by how different all of the chilis were. Meat, no meat, really thick, more like soup, spicy, mild, etc.
2. Who knew there were so many models of slow cookers on the market!
3. Out of the 9 chilis in the contest, everyone was surprised by the number of vegetarian chilis.. which was good, because there’s a good number of vegetarians in our office. I think next year, there might be voting separately for meat and meatless chili.

Can’t wait til next year’s chili cook off! Maybe I’ll enter the contest!

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Jen & Chad’s New Years Eve Party

January 1st, 2009 · 2 Comments


Dallas, Rachelle, Kristin

Know what this is? It’s a celebration, bitches! Grab a drink, grab a glass

This is the 4th year in a row that we have gone to Jen and Chad’s house for New Years Eve (2007, 2006, 2005). As everyone is getting older and some are having kids, the parties have gotten more mellow.. not that I’m complaining, we always have fun. Just a laid back time talking with friends, playing Wii, drinking, eating, and losing money at poker. I got a bottle of Veuve champagne on my first day at Roundarch and have been saving it for… who knows, so I brought it along and we drank it at midnight. Paul and Chad made two different chilis for everyone and Dallas tried to top them with some Japanese curry. Quinn finally got to open his Christmas gift from us, which he was excited about. He still only rips really little pieces off because his fingers are so tiny. Since he only had one gift I let him take all the time he needed.

Happy New Year! I tried to text everyone but my phone was not working.

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Retro on Roscoe 2008

August 4th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Retro on Roscoe, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Retro on Roscoe was this past weekend and we all attended, of course. It’s hard not to when it’s so close. There’s a stage about 3 houses from ours, so even if we didn’t attend the festival, we’d be listening to the bands anyway.

Stephanie with empty chili samplers, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Steph and I walked around Retro on Roscoe starting at about noon or so. We sampled all of the chilis in the Windy City Chili Cookoff. There were a few unique ones like the pork chili verde, but most of them were red, slightly spicy and very meaty. We tried 9 or 10 different chilis and both agreed that we liked one called “Nikki’s Revenge” the best. We probably could have stopped right there and just had chili samples for lunch, but we decided to go to the polish stand where we ordered one of each flavor of pierogi and a blintze. Steph had never tried either. Funny thing is that neither of us really like sauerkraut, but we both really liked the sauerkraut pierogi. On a side note, Dallas loves the polish stand so much that he had it for dinner two nights in a row and I think he did the same thing last year too.

IRS, Retro on Roscoe, Chicago

IRS + Random Groupie, Retro on Roscoe, Chicago

After lunch Steph and I sat on the grass by the Hamilton stage and watched a cover band called IRS (Independent Rock Society). They played a lot of popular songs and the crowd relaxed and sang along. Jen and Chad hosted their annual Retro on Roscoe party since they also live so close to the festival. After IRS was done playing, Stephanie and I headed over to their house. Dallas and a bunch of friends were already there. Chad and Limey tried to introduce the Pimm’s Cup as the new Summer of Rachelle drink, but it didn’t work because I didn’t like it. We all played ping pong (beer pong for some) in the garage and urban horseshoes (sometimes called washers) in the alley. Trent and I were on fire as an urban horseshoes team. Steph had fun watching the ping pong action, playing with Drake, Cortez, and Quinn and even got in on some urban horseshoes action on a team with Cousin. Inside the house TJ taught Jill and Steph how to make homemade Mexican/Puerto Rican rice like his mom used to make. Oh, and Limey tried many times to convince Steph to be a Cubs fan. He said he would give her tickets for the game the following day and all she had to do was swear off the Brewers, but she refused. When he gave up on baseball and said “well, at least say you’ll like the Bears,” we walked away. Not a chance!

Pimm’s, Rosceo Village, Chicago

For dinner Stephanie was all for trying more new food so we headed back out to the festival and split a gyro, which she was in love with. I wasn’t sure if she’d like the lamb, but she thought it was delicious. It’s fun to have her willing to try anything and even more fun when she likes it! We watched a bit of a band called Dot Dot Dot because Kristin and Cousin’s cousin plays keyboards in the band. At about 10 pm we called it a night and went home. It was about a 3 second walk home. Awesome.

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