Seven Lions

Recently, we had a team dinner at Seven Lions, Alpana Singh’s newest restaurant. It’s not too far from the office, so we just walked over after work. There were twelve of us and we had to be seated at two tables, which was kind of a bummer, but luckily my table ordered a a ton of food and I got to sample many things.

Frank’s wife works nearby and has been to Seven Lions several times. She recommended the brussels sprout and burrata toast appetizer, which exceeded my expectations and goes down as one of my favorite things of the night. The scallops entree was good. I also really liked the fritto misto and the au graten potatoes. And who can resist a fun dessert that has both candied bacon and cotton candy!??! Actually all of the desserts we ordered were fantastic (s’mores bread pudding!!! and a milkshake with peanut butter mousse!!!), so props to the pastry chef.

We pretty much closed the place down as we hung around after dinner and tried many of the fine cocktails. I ordered several from the signature cocktail list. A few of my coworkers ordered many, many Old Fashioneds and said they were very good, if you’re into that sort of thing. I liked the decor of the space too. Very nice. I had a lot of photos of fancy chandeliers on my phone as the night (and drinking) progressed!

Looking forward to my next visit to Seven Lions! You got a winner, Alpana!

Geek Trivia at Geek Bar Beta


Last week I met up with Chris, Amanda, Becky and Charlie and we went to Geek Bar on North Ave. This is a super geeky bar, and not just in name. All of the cocktails and food had super geeky names. My District 12 cocktail came on fire. The fried goat cheese was called Gold Coins, etc. Also, tons of board and console games to play. And best of all, we were there for Geek Trivia night. Which was so geeky, I think we came in 3rd to last place, and that was with Chris on our team! Can you believe it? I was kind of disappointed in the nerds at our table.

Geek Bar Beta is a kind of “pop up” bar while the permanent Geek Bar is being set up in Lakeview. The Wicker Park/Bucktown location was so jammed, though. I think they should just keep it up!

Photo via Geek Bar:

Isobar* Summer Event


This is not Oak Street Beach! After our annual meeting this year, we were supposed to head to the beach. The weather was so bad on Thursday and was predicted to be the same on Friday, so Plan B (roof top – with retractable roof at American Junkie) was activated. Of course, that means that Friday was a beautiful, sunny day. It was so humid, though, after so much rain on Thursday, I was glad to be inside.

As always, it was nice to hang out with all my work friends, not in the work setting. I came home early (before 8 p.m.!) because Makai was sick, but it was probably for the best, the way everyone was doing shots of fireball and tequila like it was going out of style! Great night though. Fun day.

*Also note that we are officially Isobar, not Roundarch and not Roundarch Isobar!

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