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Making Cards For Sick Kids

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Fun AND meaningful!

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Live Band Karaoke at Subterranean to Benefit Association House

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Photo from Association House’s Facebook page.





This post got a little lost after I returned from our Hawaii vacation, but here is it finally! The week we got back was the Association House live band karaoke fundraiser. Money from the event went towards child emergency welfare programs. Jess, Sara and I met at Big Star** for a few drinks and some dinner, then headed over to Subterranean for karaoke fun. We sang Shoop by Salt-n-Pepa and didn’t even need the lyric sheet. Probably a bad move at the end, but by then we were really drunk, we also sang Call Me Maybe and basically got the Shepard’s hook pull off the stage. Ha. Time to go home! Really fun night, though! Association House raised $1,145, money that will directly go towards helping kids in crisis situations. I hope they do the live band karaoke again! I’ve been to live band karaoke before (with Chicagoist, with Allison and Susan), but had never actually done it. So fun!

** While we were at Big Star, Margaret Lyons walked in the door. I was so shocked. It was like, “holy crap! what year is it!?!?” I hadn’t seen her for years because she moved to New York and we used to hang out in the Big Star space years ago when it was still Pontiac. We even hosted a Chicagoist party there. So great to see her, if only for a minute or two.

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Pig Out For The House

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Pig Out For The House

Harriet Sadauskas, President of Association House, telling us more about the organization.

Pretty good turnout!

Can you spot our friends here?

Mehran played the flamenco guitar

Many raffle prizes.

The BBQ raffle gift included a $50 gift certificate for Smoke Daddy, courtesy of Josh


Paul Baker



Time to pig out!

Two kinds of pulled pork.

I don’t know what those things in the front are, but they were delicious.

Nathan, Rick and Alden. Yes, there was a caricature artist!

Last weekend Association House had a pig roast fundraiser in the back garden of El Cid in Logan Square. For $40 you got all the drinks and food that you wanted for 3 hours. Not a bad deal. And, the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping those in need. Association House is based in Humboldt Park and helps more than 20,000 participants each year through programs in community services, child welfare, behavioral health, out of school programs for kids and teens and El Cuarto Ano, an alternative high school. Jess is on the associate board for Association House so I always try to go to the fundraisers to help out a bit.

We had a fun, relaxed time at the Pig Out. They had roasted a pig ahead of time and prepared two types of pulled pork for us. Unfortunately, the weather did not hold out and about halfway through the party there was a mad dash inside. Luckily, El Cid’s upstairs lounge was open and available for us to continue the party inside. Dallas and I did not win any of the raffle gifts even though I tried to stuff the box for the Ravinia prize! Ah well. Fun time. And Association House raised $2,200!

Squinty Paul Baker


Great view down the street of the Illinois Centennial Monument.

Of course, shortly after everything was moved inside, the rain passed and it was bright and sunny outside again! Isn’t that the way it always goes? So, when we left the Pig Out, Paul, Kate, Alden, Dallas and I went to Longman & Eagle for a few more drinks. Their back patio was not open yet (boo!) but they added a new section in front where we enjoyed some cocktails al fresco.

Dunlay’s on the Square

And after a while at Longman, we headed to Dunlay’s on the Square. Dallas left us after one drink, but the rest of us sat out on the patio until at least 11 p.m. Once the sun set, the weather was so perfect. I did not want to go back inside for anything!

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