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Camping @ Bong Recreation Area

June 25th, 2006 · 4 Comments

Bong Recreation Area, Wisconsin

Maggie & Dallas, Bong Recreation Area, Wisconsin

Rachelle, Stephanie & Jessica, Wisconsin

Maggie, Bong Recreation Area, Wisconsin

Bong Recreation Area, Wisconsin

Dallas, Bong Recreation Area, Wisconsin

Bong Recreation Area, Wisconsin

Bong Recreation Area, Wisconsin

Finally got to check out the Bong Recreation Area, instead of just laughing at the sign every time we drive past it on the highway. Danny, Lori, Dallas and I went camping there this weekend. It was nice to get away from the computer and the City and TV and all the regular stuff and just unplug for a while.

My brother lives only about a half hour from where we were camping so they came by for a couple hours on Saturday. We checked out the beach at the lake and then had cooked some brats on sticks* for lunch. It was kind of hard. I think that each brat hit the ground and was rinsed about 3 times, but that’s part of camping. You’ve got to expect to eat some dirt. Late on Danny & Dallas golfed 9 holes nearby and Lori and I took Maggie on a 2 mile hike.

Overall, it was a good time. Fun. Relaxing. The only bad part was Saturday night when it started sprinkling in the middle of the night.. and then pouring. The entire place was turned to mud. We left right away in the morning on Sunday and got breakfast at Perkins in Kenosha.

* Brats on sticks was the only meal that didn’t really turn out and it was kind of my fault. I had a little camping grill that I was going to bring along. I used to use for regular grilling all the time. I haven’t really used it much since Dallas moved here 1) because he thinks it’s stupid and 2) he and Kristin have a full-sized grill we use instead. I went to pull my mini grill out the night before camping and it was full of webs and pillbugs. Disgusting. I threw it in the trash. Otherwise, in true Danny fashion, we had wonderful meals. Red beans and rice with kielbasa, corned beef hash with eggs, beef & vegetable soup, grilled corn on the cob, and smores. Lots of smores!

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Firey Sunsets

October 5th, 2003 · 35 Comments

Oak Creek Sunset
Sunset, Oak Creek, WI (photo by Amanda Bowden)

My brother’s wife, Amanda, recently took this gorgeous photo of the sunset where they live in Oak Creek, a suburb of Milwaukee. It reminds me of a photo I took while camping in Arizona on the Colorado River in September 2000. I don’t know what causes these “firey” sunsets, but they sure are beautiful.

Arizona Sunset
Arizona Sunset

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