Saying “Goodbye” to Thea

Thea & Jeannie, Burrito Bar, Tribeca, Manhattan

Ted & Thea, Burrito Bar, Tribeca, Manhattan

Anotheroom, Tribeca, Manhattan

Jessica, Jeannie, Thea & Rachelle, Anotheroom, Tribeca, Manhattan

Ted, Tribeca Tavern, Tribeca, Manhattan

Eric, Tribeca Tavern, Tribeca, Manhattan

Jessica, Bubble Lounge, Tribeca, Manhattan

Without missing a beat, I returned to New York, worked a full day and then joined everyone for a night out to wish Thea farewell after finishing her second to last day at our company. I’m exhausted but it was fun. Good luck, Thea. You will be missed!

Karaoke. That’s how bad it got.

Kristin, Kris, Rachelle, Jess singing karaoke.
Kristin, Kris, Rachelle, Jess, 203 Spring, SoHo, Manhattan

Kristin and Kris
Kristin, Kris, Screening Room, Tribeca, Manhattan

Bon Jovi‘s #1 hit, Livin’ on a Prayer. Mmmmmhmmmmm. Kristin and Kris were in town from Chicago for one night only. I’ll blame this on them! ha

Fun trivia fact: Everyone in the karaoke photo, plus 3 other people who were out last night, were all born in the same year.

Extra special tip in case you’re ever in the area: Beware of the margarita pitcher at Burrito Bar. It’s $35, but damn tasty!

Kristin and Kris in NYC