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Luau After Party in the Dorms

June 28th, 2009 · 1 Comment

As it got later in the night of the luau and nobody wanted to leave again. Everyone was having such a good time.

Back row: Garmon, Alika, Dallas, Kilo, Alan, xxx, Koa (and son), Lisa, Brandy
Middle row: BJ, Nalani, Donovan, Jacque, Roxanne, Monte, Rachelle, Jay, xxx, xxx, Hoku
Front row: Sheri, Kamu

The band Kapena was playing again. They’d played the night before at the Gordon Biersch party.

Kapena, Kamehameha Schools, Oahu

The girls danced a lot and the guys stood around with their hands in their pockets trying to look cool. Just like high school.

Back row: Alika, Jay. Front row: Haunani, Sheri, Jacque.

These guys all lived together for years when they boarded at the school.

Dallas, Jay, Kamu, Donovan, BJ, Alika, Kilo

Monte, Dallas, Jay, Kamu, Donovan, Alika, BJ, Kilo

After the luau a bunch of people went up to the dorms where there was a big party going on. We passed by this bench where all of the boarders used to always hang out, so everyone got there photo taken there for old times sake.

Back row: BJ, Dallas, Nalani, Kilo, Jay, Kamu, Monte.
Front row: Alika, Hoku, Roxanne, Donovan, Jacque, Sheri, Brandy

Nobody can remember what spurred this, but everyone was going crazy in this next photo.

Back row: BJ, Dallas, Nalani, Kilo, Jay, Kamu, Monte.
Front row: Alika, Hoku, Roxanne, Donovan, Jacque, Sheri, Brandy

Dallas loves this fruit punch. Probably 0% fruit. He stole a whole bunch of it to bring back to the dorms.


Walking through campus for the first time in 15 years was quite a trip for a lot of people. When we got to the dorm there was food and drink as far as the eye could see. Many stories to be told and memories to be shared. There were at least 1 or 2 rounds of everyone singing the Kamehameha Schools fight song. Everyone stayed and hung out well into the morning hours.



It was kind of sad to finally leave. And to think the next day how far it was in between the last time Dallas saw his friends til now and how long it may be til we see them again. But if we all make an effort we will stay in touch, even if it’s just online. A hui hou!

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After Party at The Living Room

June 26th, 2009 · No Comments

Kamu, Sheri, Dallas :: The Living Room, Honolulu

The Gordon Biersch party was not enough for some of the Kamehameha Schools Class of ’94, so when the first party ended, we continued on to The Living Room at The Wharf, a 4 am bar down the road. Dallas, Kilo, Nalani, Brandy, Jay, Donovan, Chris, Sheri, Alika, Kamu, Maile, Jacque, Khira, and I claimed an area of the bar that was like a raised room on its own with a pool table.

Sheri, Brandy, Jay, Chris :: The Living Room, Honolulu

We sat around and drank more and played pool.

Jacque, Maile :: The Living Room, Honolulu

Then Dallas got the camera out and started taking photos of people. This made them happy, as you can tell from this photo.

Kilo, Nalani, Donovan, Sheri :: The Living Room, Honolulu

Kirah just wanted to go home.

Kirah :: The Living Room, Honolulu

At some point around 3 am (?) we were all really tired. Some people did the sensible thing and went home. Dallas, Kilo, Brandy, Jay, Donovan, Kamu, Chris and I instead went to have breakfast at Wailana Coffee House. When Donovan started falling asleep in his wor wonton mein, we realized that the night had to end at some point. And besides, we were going to see most people the next day. So, Dallas and I said our goodbyes. We got back to the hotel at something like 4 am.

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Kamehameha Class of ’94 Reunion

June 26th, 2009 · No Comments

On Friday night, each Kamehameha class that was in town for reunion activities had a class party at a different location. Class of ’94 was celebrating at Gordon Biersch on the harbor at Aloha Towers. We were outside, on the water, a local band called Kapena was playing and Dallas was reconnecting with all his old friends. It was so great to see him back with a lot of people who meant so much to him growing up and still mean a lot now. I feel like we have a whole new set of very close friends. And everyone was so nice and welcoming to me. I didn’t feel much like an outsider at all. We had such an awesome time that the night just flew by and before we knew it the band stopped playing and Gordon Biersch was closing.

Here are my many photos from the Class of ’94 Kamehameha Schools reunion (for a good laugh, don’t overlook Dallas’s yearbook photo!):

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772137848_o

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771335167_o
Alan, Kekoa. Lisa, Brian, Kuai

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771334731_o
Alika, Sheri, Nalani

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771332383_o
BJ, Keoni, Brian, Dallas, Alika, Hoku

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771332353_o
Dallas, Aaron

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771333553_o
Dallas, Dave, Joe

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772138914_o
Dallas, Joe, Kilo

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771332487_o
Dallas, Nalani, Jacquie, Maile, Brandy, Kilo

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772140376_o

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772138292_o
Dallas, Shane, Rachelle

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772140304_o
Hoku & Keoni dancing.

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772140150_o
Nalani & Sheri dancing.

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772137724_o
Dave, Dallas, Joe, BJ, Keoni, Hoku

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772137924_o
Donovan, Jay, Dallas

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772139338_o
Faye, Kamu

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771334771_o
Faye, Melissa, Keoni

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772139574_o
Hoku, Keoni, Alika

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772137874_o
Jay, Hoku, Kamu, Dallas, Joe, Chris

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771332617_o
Joe, Dallas

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771333147_o
Dave, Dallas, BJ, Sheri, Donna

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771333079_o
Joe, Dallas, BJ, Pam, Sheri, Donna

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772138620_o
Joe, Dallas, BJ, Sheri, Donna, Alyson

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771332867_o
Kavet, Kelaula, Alan, Shana, Shane, Kanani, Dallas, Peter

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771332537_o
Laura, Dallas, Keoni

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772137986_o
Laura, Dallas, Keoni, BJ

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771334563_o
Maile, Kirah, Jacquie, Roxanne, Brandy

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772139154_o

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771333719_o

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771334235_o
Nalani & Donovan

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771334457_o
Pam & BJ

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771333967_o

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771334173_o

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772138696_o
Rachelle & Dallas

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772139204_o
Rachelle & Monte

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771332759_o
Shane & Dallas

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771334663_o
Sheri & Nalani

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3771334517_o

Kamehameha Class of 94 Reunion_3772139742_o

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