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First Annual Logan Square Boulevard Bash

July 11th, 2010 · 4 Comments

On Saturday I met up with Ed for the first annual Boulevard Bash on Logan Boulevard. It was pretty dead when I got there around 4:00 p.m., but by the time we left at 6:30 it was starting to pick up. For $5 you could get Dos Equis, Heineken, or Amstel Light. Other than that, it was a pretty standard street festival. Oh, except at the Boulevard Bash (hate that name), you can sit our on the grassy boulevard, instead of standing around in the streets. That’s major selling point to me!

There was little or no promotion for the festival. Most people found out about it when they walked to the Boulevard and it was closed down. Ed and I talked to some of the organizers and they said they got a late start on planning this year, but next year they’ll have more time to get the word out. We put our names in to be contacted as volunteers for next year’s fest, which would be fun. Especially if we could get beer serving duties. Hopefully a bunch of our friends can come out to the fest next year.

Later on Ed came back to our house and we invited others over for a barbecue. It rained twice and the grill didn’t work for a long time, but it eventually all came together.

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