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Built in Chicago Launch Party

June 24th, 2011 · No Comments

Built in Chicago is a site that was created about 8 months ago and is a resource for digital professionals working and building great web and mobile businesses in Chicago. Last night I attended their launch party with Jess and Alden. Tribeca Flashpoint sponsored the event and it was held in their space at the Merchandise Mart. There was a $10 admission fee, but once you were in, it was all free drinks and snacks.


The beer sponsor was Finch’s Beer Co. Ok. But made in Chicago? How have I never heard of them? I asked the servers and they said that Finch’s has only been in production for about 8 weeks and that it is based out of the Albany Park neighborhood. Interesting. I had two Golden Wing blond ales and Jess and Alden both had the Cut Throat pale ale. We all liked the beer and when I tweeted about it, Chuck declared that the blonde will be the beer of this summer.


Ok. So, enough about the beer. The Built in Chicago event was basically a mixer. It reminded me of Tech Cocktail, but with more suits and more gray hair. A grown up Tech Cocktail? I mean, even Ron May showed up at the end (blerg!). I talked to people I knew from various stages of my “past lives” – Chicagoist, FeedBurner, Google – and also from past Tech Cocktail events. It was nice to see people I hadn’t seen for quite a while (Kevin – from Google & now heading up the Chicago Entrepreneurial Center , Sean – from Chicagoist, now at Have My Shift, Brad – from my Chicagoist days, now at Appolicious, and Blagica from all over? :) ) Also nice meet some new people, too.

I like how Built in Chicago seems like more of an ongoing thing. Like, sure, they’ll have these face-to-face networking events occasionally, but you don’t just go away after that and see people at the next event. Built in Chicago is also a whole social networking site for like-minded interactive people in Chicago. I think it should be a bit easier to keep in the loop and keep in contact with people. Looking forward to seeing how this all evolves.

PS. At the end of the night Alden and I met up with Dallas at the Boiler Room and guess what kind of beer I noticed they had on tap? Finch’s! So I had another Golden Wing. Maybe this will be the beer of the summer.

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Erin’s Baby Shower

January 24th, 2011 · 3 Comments

On Saturday I went down to Tinley Park for Erin‘s baby shower. I’d never been to Tinley Park before and honestly? It was pretty easy to get to and only took about 40 minutes tops, no traffic! Erin’s shower was at an Italian restaurant called Gatto’s and her mom, sisters and friends reserved a space for us to celebrate. When I walked in, I had a tiny socially awkward panic thinking I didn’t know anyone, but very quickly I saw Blagica and Claire. We sat together and chatted, enjoying a nice Italian lunch of salad, calamari, penne, and chicken vesuvio.

Erin mingled around at each table and she looked so adorable. The last time I saw her was September. She was about 3 months along, I think? Honestly, she wasn’t looking too pregnant. She’s looking pregnant now! The baby is due three days before our wedding February. Erin introduced me to some people I didn’t know and told them I was getting married in a month. She went on to say how she and Scott had totally planned on attending and were even looking at rental properties, when they found out they were expecting. She said she was so bummed. Joyous. But bummed. Erin & Scott, I know I’ll have a lot going on when we’re on Kauai, but I will for sure be thinking of you guys. Can’t wait to meet your baby girl!

– – – – –

Oh. P.S. I wanted to note the gift I got, since it was made by local crafty ladies. Since I worked with Erin and Scott on Chicagoist and that is where Erin and Scott met, I got them two Chicago-themed onesies.

The onesie on the left has the Chicago flag and was made by the talented Anne Holub, who we are all friends with. This gift got a small applause.. so .. winner! On the right, the Bean Baby onesie reminded me so much of our old Chicagoist bean tshirts that I couldn’t resist. Erin and Scott “got it” immediately, so that was awesome too. The Bean tshirt was made by Leigh Kelsey, who has an Etsy shop called Rhymes With Twee, and once applied to be a Chicagoist contributor… so it was all so perfect!

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Catching Up With Old Friends at Simone’s

February 8th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Matt was back in town last week so on Wednesday he got a bunch of people together at Simone’s in Pilsen. Matt and I used to work together at FeedBurner and Google and has since moved to Seattle, so it was good to see him again. A few of my other coworkers from those places that I hadn’t seen for some time also came and it was fun to catch up.

Eric, Jessie, Alden, Rachelle, Joe, Jessica, Matt

I also got to see Blagica, who I still keep in touch with online, but don’t get to see in person much any more.

Simone’s has a great beer list, which we sampled heavily. Matt also ordered up an assortment of food like empanadas, pizzas, fries and mozzarella sticks. Later on after a lot of people had left, Sam, who was taking care of us that night, appeared like this: Flaming.

And Matt looked something like this: Day-am!

He blew the fire out and we drank the shots and they were delicious. Sam’s own creation, they tasted like black forest cake. I can’t remember all of the ingredients, but there was Bailey’s and Grand Marnier on the top (which is the part that was lit on fire). Sam would then sprinkle cinnamon over them. Can you see it?

It looks like the shots aren’t on fire because of the flash, but they are. Look again.

We had a couple round of these shots. They were so good. Alden wanted to drink a pint glass of them. But he didn’t.

After a few rounds Matt started to look like this. (He had just flown in that day on a 6 a.m. flight!)

And the bar started to look alien.

Fun night. Nice catching up with friends. And I liked Simone’s, too. It’s somewhat hard to get to, but if you live down by Pilsen or the neighboring hoods you should definitely check it out. The owners of Simone’s are the ones opening Nice Slice Pizza Bar at the end of my block, so I’m very hopeful now.

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