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Nation’s Giant Hamburgers

December 2nd, 2011 · 1 Comment

Allison and Herm live in the East Bay very close to Billy & Ging and we were looking forward to visiting them on our trip out west. Unfortunately, they were on a trip to Iceland for our whole stay! Before we came out, though, Allison told us to try the burgers at Nation’s in Orinda, not far from where Billy & Ging live. She said they were even better than In-N-Out. GASP!

On our last day in the Bay Area we finally got a chance to visit Nation’s Giant Hamburgers (Since 1952!). We ordered a cheeseburger and two bacon cheeseburgers, fries, and a side of chili. Well, two sides of fries, but the woman working the counter wasn’t the greatest at taking an order, so we only got one. Plus, it was taking a long time to get the food and the line at the counter was long, so we just stuck with the one order of fries. Which stinks, because I thought the fries were great. Definitely better than In-N-Out.

As far as the burger? The consensus was that it was just a bit too big. Billy and Ging shared one. I mean, GIANT is in their name. Also, the way it was assembled made it hard to hang on to without it sliding around. I also added grilled onions and pickles to mine, which I thought was a great addition. I hardly ever eat beef hamburgers, so I thought it was great. Everyone else enjoyed what they had, but thought that the burger itself, under all the cheese, bacon and condiments, was lacking. Good, but not better than In-N-Out?

Not a bad lunch, though. Also, it looked like they had some amazing pies, but we were all too stuffed to try them.

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West Coast Fast Food Favorites

December 1st, 2011 · No Comments

So, while we were in California we had two fast food weaknesses that we had to take care of. 1. In-N-Out Burger. Everyone knows about this one. Everyone has to make it a destination. Every time I kick myself for not going enough when I lived in San Diego. This was actually our first stop after we arrived at the airport!

2. L&L Drive Inn, which serves Hawaiian food and is based out of Honolulu. L&L is a chain scattered all over the islands and also has expanded to some areas of the mainland, but not Chicago. I actually ordered the healthy plate (gasp!) which had brown rice and a salad instead of white rice and mac salad, which is on a traditional Hawaiian plate lunch. It wasn’t as good, but at least I wasn’t feeling as guilty!

Dallas also wanted to go to Jack in the Box, but we didn’t. Can’t beat the Sourdough Jack, though. Dallas and I very rarely eat at any fast food restaurants at home, I don’t know what gets into us when we travel! We had Krispy Kreme‘s too!

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Beer! Beer! Beer!

December 1st, 2011 · No Comments

One day Billy took us to one of his favorite brew pubs, Russian River Brewing, located in Santa Rosa. Billy selected a beer that he knew he liked and suggested one for Dallas, but I went for broke and got the sampler. Little did I know that there’d be 15 beers to sample! And all for only $15. Seemed like a bargain! Especially since I liked a lot of the beers. It wasn’t like I was stuck drinking 15 gross beers. Dallas texted his friend Brian during lunch because he’d just visited the brewery a few weeks ago. Brian’s favorite beer was one of our favorites: Blind Pig IPA. Oh, and the food at Russian River Brewing was great too. Dallas and Billy had wings, I had a salad, and we all had pizza. Good stuff.

After that we went home. Just kidding. I wouldn’t call this post “Beer! Beer! Beer!” if we only had hit up one brewery!

After Russian River Brewing, we drove down to the Lagunitas brewery & taproom. We can get Lagunitas beer in Chicago, but not all of the ones that they have at the brewery. Again, I went for the sampler (only $5!) and tried 4 beers that we can’t get in Chicago. The Lagunitas SUCKS really did suck. Think sweaty armpits. That’s what it tasted like. And The Return of Ruben and the Brett’s was super boozy. But I liked the other two.

Finally, the third “beer.” Billy had a growler of Czar Jack Imperial Stout that he cracked open to try while we were visiting. This beer is made by the Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery and is aged in Jack Daniels barrels, only we didn’t tell that to Dallas because he doesn’t like beers that are aged like that. Guess what? He liked it! Me too. It was one of my favorite beers of our visit.

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