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A Barbecue and Family Reunion in Wisconsin

August 4th, 2014 · No Comments


Last year we had so much fun in Wisconsin barbecuing and catching up with family, that we did it again this year. Last year, I was 7 months pregnant and it was fun this year to finally introduce everyone to Makai. He had so much fun playing and visiting with all his cousins and aunties and uncles that he missed his afternoon naps and stayed up right till his bed time at 8 p.m. Makai was especially loving Kiara, who is one month older than him; chilling out by Dustin; and playing with Tessa, Charlotte and Margo.

I had fun seeing everyone too and it was nice to be at my parent’s house in the country, which is not really the country, but is the country compared to where we live!

Also, I had never seen this version of 312 before, even though Goose Island beer is made in Chicago and is everywhere here:


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A Wisconsin Barbecue and Family Reunion

August 15th, 2013 · 4 Comments

Dallas and I, along with my brother and his family, headed up to my parent’s house in Greenville for the weekend. While we were all visiting, my parents invited all of our relatives over for a huge barbecue. I hadn’t seen a lot of people for years and surprisingly, many of them hadn’t seen each other for as long, as well. Six of my mom’s seven siblings were able to attend, as well as a ton of my cousins, cousin’s kids and a good amount of family on my dad’s side, too.

My mom playing bags with Fiona, my cousin Sara’s daughter.

They were playing against my niece Jessica and Fiona’s twin sister, Elise.

Hmmmm… can I name everyone? :) On the patio: Aunt Deb, Aunt Connie, Aunt Sue, Aunt Wanda, Aunt Paula, Aunt Ali, Uncle Dan, Uncle Dave. On the lawn: Cousin Bill and his wife Karen, Cousin Kacey, Kacey’s son Dustin, Double(!) Cousin Anna and her boyfriend Andy. (Photo by Bethany.)

And again! Uncle Rich, Cousin Amanda, Me, My cousin Bethany’s husband Chad, Cousin Erica and her husband Greg, Dallas, Richard, Mom, Uncle Doug, Uncle Morrie, Aunt Deb, Aunt Connie, Karen. (Photo by Bethany.)

My Uncle Dan and my mom contemplating life by the corn field.

Me and Dallas (29 weeks pregnant). (Photo by Sue.)

Doug and Dallas were talking about who knows what forever. Something that was “yay big,” I guess.

Richard hiding in the bushes.

Aunt Sue and Aunt Paula. (Photo by Sue? Probably Aunt Connie or Wanda!.)

All of my cousin’s kids had a great time playing in the little stream/ditch in the way back yard. This is my Aunt Deb, Cousin Amanda, and Niece Jessica with Noah, Oliver, Ella, Brianna, Elise and Fiona.

There were a bunch of frogs in there and the kids were going crazy catching them!! These were all of my cousin’s kids: Sierra, Brianna, Elise, Noah, Brianna (there are 2! Actually, 3 if you count Brianne, who wasn’t there.), Ella, Collin, Fiona, Keegan, Oliver.

Richard & Dad.

Cousin Amanda and her husband Phil chatting with Uncle Doug.

Dallas was joking that you know you’re in Wisconsin when you see this many crock pots lined up! Also when you designate which sausage is “skinless”?

My niece Stephanie and my cousin Skyonna are just about the same age. I think Skyonna is 16 and Steph is 17. (Photo by Sue.)

Dad and my Uncle Dave. (Photo by Sue.)

Aunt Deb, Uncle Doug, Mom, Aunt Connie. (Photo by Sue.)

Keegan and his brother Collin are my cousin Anna’s boys. They’re twins, and so are my cousin Sara’s daughters, Fiona and Elise. Keegan and Dallas played this washer toss game many times and Keegan won most games. The 10 beers Dallas had by that point kind of leveled the playing field!

My Uncle Dan playing bags.

Spot the frogs on Bethany. Now you now what those kids were doing when they caught them! (Photo by Erica.)

The kids went crazy when the ice cream truck van showed up.

Cousin Amanda with my cousin Erica’s kids, Ella and Oliver. My cousin Bethany’s kids Brianna and Noah. My Uncle Rich and Cousin Bethany. (Photo by Erica.)

Uncle Rich and his granddaughter Ella. (Photo by Erica.)

Cousin Bill started up a fire in the pit. (Photo by Bethany.)

The kids started roasting marshmallows right away!

My dad made this pit earlier in the summer. It turned out really nice. (Photo by Bethany.)

Everyone gathered around. (Photo by Sue.)

Sadie and Jess enjoying some s’mores.

People stayed and visited well past dark…

.. but left before Dallas, Richard and my dad got all pyro on it. Apples?

Jess was having a hard time roasting marshmallows with Milo and Dakoda trying to bite the end of her stick.

I was pretty sore from the long drive two days in a row, but it was totally worth it to see everyone. Hopefully we can do it again next summer and it won’t be YEARS before everyone sees each other again!

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Killian & Liz’s Wedding Ceremony

June 9th, 2008 · 4 Comments

Wedding Ceremony, Columbia Yacht Club, Chicago

Mary Beth

Bhante Sujatha

Liz, Bhante Sujatha, Killian

Bernie, Bill, Greg, Mary Beth

The Rings

Dallas, Wes, Clare

The Bracelets

Liz & Killian

Liz & Killian

Dallas spent the day of the wedding with Killian. They went out for brunch and then went to a hotel downtown where they got dressed and whatever else before going over to the Columbia Yacht Club. I wasn’t that much involved, but I did go to the club early to be with Liz and the other girls before it all began. I wasn’t technically in the wedding party, but since there were more men than women who were in the party, we ended up having a few women walk down the aisle with the men to balance it out. I was one of them along with Naoise’s girlfriend Elissa and Greg’s girlfriend Anna. So we were all there to help out and to be in photos as requested.

The wedding was to take place on the upper deck of the yacht club. The day of the wedding it was sunny, but windy all day. Same thing the day before when we rehearsed. We thought it might be too windy up there to have the wedding – skirts over heads is not a good look for the wedding party – but we didn’t think much about rain. Minutes before the wedding was to begin it started raining. Luckily, it didn’t last long. The seats were all wiped down and we fit the wedding ceremony in before it started to downpour again.

Bhante Sujatha, a Buddhist monk from the Blue Lotus Temple, officiated over the ceremony. I’ve never been to a Buddhist ceremony of any sort before and I found it really interesting. Bhante Sujatha was so calming and sweet. He kept throwing in little jokes that kind of relaxed people more. The ceremony was spiritual, but not religious, and there was even a little meditation portion where he asked everyone to shut their eyes and think about certain things. Killian and Liz symbolically got their fingers tied together as they were blessed and there was another cool part where Bhante Sujatha tied bracelets on their wrists.

Oh, and because we were on the lake and it’s just rained, the seagulls were going crazy squawking. There was even a bird fight right above the wedding. I heard that one of the guests got shat on too. And you could hear Blues Fest nearby. That’s ok, though. All adds to the experience.

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