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Lake House Fun

July 9th, 2012 · 4 Comments

July 4th was so weird this year. One day off, in the middle of the week and Dallas and I both worked for at least part of it. So, we decided it take off a little early on Friday and join our friends up at their lake house. The temperatures were still in the high 90′s or 100 degrees, so we did a lot of this:

Swimming in the lake and riding the jetski. For once I feel like we really had reprieve from the heat. The water was so warm and shallow but still felt great.

I decided that Michelob Ultra Light Cider was to be my drink of the weekend. It was so light and crisp, and not too sweet. Very refreshing on a hot, hot day. Also? Only 120 calories.

One day we decided to visit some local bars and hang outs. We headed to Famous Freddie’s in Fox Lake, IL, where we were ignored and then served disgusting drinks (skunked kegs, weak mixed drinks). The food was ok. Ahem. The food that Dallas didn’t drop on the ground was ok. But, needless to say, we didn’t stay long.

We were just going to head somewhere closer to home, or go home, but on a whim we decided to pull into the most country-ish, divey-ish bar we could find along the side of the road.

We ended up at the PMO Club in Lake Villa, IL.

I have no idea what PMO stands for, but this place had a pool table and a round of 7 beers was only about $10, so we were happy.

PMO Club also gave me flashbacks to my family Christmases that we used to spend at my grandpa’s bar. It was the smell, I think. It smelled just like his bar. And the fact that it was cool and kind of dank added as well.

Next we headed back, closer to home and dropped into the Limerick Lounge in Antioch, IL.

This is basically just a sports bar. Not too much Irish-y about it. The guys played darts and music on the jukebox, the girls sat at the bar.

Limerick Lounge isn’t too special, but it will forever hold a place in my heart because it introduced me to my true love of the weekend: Rumchata.

I was out with Jess and Sara on Thursday night (Magic Mike!) and Jess had been in Wisconsin at a lake house earlier in the week. She told me about this mystical potion called Rumchata. The next day I went to our friends’ lake house in Wisconsin and what were they talking about? Rumchata. I had a taste of it here at the Limerick and it was so delicious. Like horchata, but with rum. Very creamy and a bit cinnamon-y.

The girls decided we wanted to go somewhere else, so we left Limerick Lounge, intending to walk across the street to Rugan’s. Somehow we got a little distracted by a cupcake shop, Sweet Discoveries and a pet store, Best Pets.

Kelly fell in love with all of the kittens, especially this brown tabby.

I was partial to this little guy.

We quickly realized that if we stayed any longer we would end up going home with armloads of puppies and kittens, so we hightailed it out of there. Back to Rugan’s, the original plan.

By then it was nice enough to sit outside and not be scalded, so we enjoyed some wine on the patio. The bartender filled us in on all the local Antioch gossip and before long the boys met us over at Rugan’s. They’d wished they’d stayed over at The Limerick playing darts, I think, because they all had to listen to us gush about puppies and kittens.

Our waiter introduced us to a drink called The Lunchbox, which was Gumballhead beer, orange juice and amaretto. It was ok, but it wasn’t my One True Love:

Back home Decker did his best Lennie Small impersonation… without actually crushing Bella, though.

And I sang a monster ballad to Simon, but he was not impressed. Maybe if I sang it while I held a steak in my hand, he would have been more into it.

Brian played Horchata by Vampire Weekend so I could sing some Rumchata lyrics. What else happened? Frankie took out some pent up aggression on the stuffed dog toy.

Dallas made us all kalbi Korean ribs for dinner. Sara made sure I still ate my vegetables.

That’s about all she wrote. Long fun weekend up at the lake and in northern Illinois!

PS, yes, that is Kelly Kapowski.

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Dogsitting For Jackson

March 4th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Some photos from dogsitting for Jackson this week. Comparing to when we dogsat him at our condo before, he’s not as afraid of the stairs, but you have to make sure they’re lit up. Dark stairs = scary. He’s still hesitant, but doesn’t have to be forced.

When Dallas slept in I took Jackson upstairs. He stayed up with me but stood by the stairs for hours and cried. He was really attached. It was cute for the first 10 minutes. Then I had to keep scolding him, because it was getting annoying.

We also learned that Jackson needs to get his water cut off at something like 8 p.m. otherwise you have to get up at 1 a.m. and take him outside. Just like a little kid! He was chugging water all the way up til bedtime. No wonder he had to go out in the wee hours.

I like Jackon’s visit, he’s fun. Makes me wonder whether we want to get a dog of our own. We’ve gone back and forth on it for years. It’s hard to say whether we enjoyed Jackson’s visit more because we knew it was short term or if we’d like a dog.. like forever.

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Fish, Friends & Family

December 2nd, 2009 · 4 Comments

Beijing Noodle No. 9, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

On Friday we only slept a few hours, which was not good, since we’d been out at the crazy dance party the night before. We got up and met everyone down at the buffet to eat breakfast. Dallas then went back to bed, but I got talked into walking around a few casinos. After an hour or two I couldn’t take it, and neither could Ross, so we went back to the hotel to rest. I walked into our hotel room and I thought Dallas said “Ross is on the way,” which I thought was weird since I’d just walked over with Ross, but he actually said “Guy Voss is on the way.” So much for that nap!

Guy is a good friend of Dallas’s from back in college. He and his wife Amber live in the Las Vegas area with their two kids, Liam and Ella. We saw Guy and Amber at Killian and Liz’s wedding last year, but we hadn’t seen Liam since he was 2 months old, and now he’s 5 years old! Compare a photo of Dallas and Liam in 2004 to the photo of Dallas and Liam last week:

Dallas & Liam, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

Ella was a little shy, but as adorable as ever. I was glad we could see everyone, even if it was brief. Oh, and I was all smoky and felt like death warmed over, but Amber said that on the way home Liam said “Daddy’s friends are really fun,” so maybe it wasn’t so bad. Or maybe he was just on a sugar rush because we accidentally let him drink a whole soda!

I feel exhausted just typing this out, but next up we got ready and went to dinner at the Rio. That’s where Dallas’s parents and Caroline and Jordan were staying. The Carnival World Buffet there is the longest buffet I have ever seen. Crazy. They had everything.

Jordan, George, Kathy, Dallas, Caroline :: Rio, Las Vegas

Jordan, George, Kathy, Dallas, Caroline, Rachelle :: Rio, Las Vegas

Ross, Rachelle, Dallas, Matt, Molly :: Rio, Las Vegas

Since sleeping is what you do when you leave Las Vegas, we then went over to the New York New York Hotel & Casino to see Zumanity. This is the Cirque show that you have to be 18 to see. Enough said.

After the show we hung out at New York New York. I tried really hard to rally by drinking more, drinking coffee, getting cold air in my face, etc. When we finally went back to our hotel, I had to go to bed early. I say early, but it was at least midnight, probably past. In Vegas, that is early. Anyway, I had a great time, but I think I’m still recovering. And trying to get used to not drinking beer at breakfast.

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