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Isobar Chicago Inaugural Chili Cook Off

January 30th, 2015 · No Comments








What a fun event we had in the office today. I contemplated having Dallas help me and entering the contest, but in the end didn’t. I liked #9, Raf’s “Sin Beef Chili” the best. I could not pinpoint what was so great about it, but it was delicious. Just really good flavor. Raf ended up winning 1st place in the Best Flavor category! I also loved #3, Bill’s chili, which was made with short ribs. The meat was so tender and savory. Bill came in 2nd place over all! In the Most Unique category, Heidi placed first and Andrew came in 2nd.

1. I was really impressed by how different all of the chilis were. Meat, no meat, really thick, more like soup, spicy, mild, etc.
2. Who knew there were so many models of slow cookers on the market!
3. Out of the 9 chilis in the contest, everyone was surprised by the number of vegetarian chilis.. which was good, because there’s a good number of vegetarians in our office. I think next year, there might be voting separately for meat and meatless chili.

Can’t wait til next year’s chili cook off! Maybe I’ll enter the contest!

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Chicagoist 10 Year Anniversary Party

October 27th, 2014 · No Comments

Pre-gaming at Gold Star. Julene, Chuck, Rachelle, Justin, Shannon, Erin, Scott, Mike, Margaret, Kevin, Matt. Not pictured: Jim, Michelle, Sam. (Photo by Chuck)

@Emporium Wicker Park

Chuck’s opening remarks.

Q: How many selfies can one take in a night? A: Lots!

With Jen, of Gothamist

With Andrew, of Gapers Block

This logo is burned in my brain.

Don’t ask!

Chicagoist 10 Year Anniversary Party: The night was EPIC.

– Reconnecting with friends with whom you used to spend every waking moment with either in person or online
– Special guests from New York City
– Hours of free drinks
– Reenacting scandalous 8-year-old photos
– Free Chicagosit merch
– Sending your husband home early
– Endless selfies
– Shots of Fireball that you only discovered you bought (three rounds!) when you find the Fireball soaked receipt in your purse the next day
– Flash Taco (enough said)
– Stolen burritos
– Losing things in the bushes next to your front stoop
– Having to wake the entire household, including your in-laws, because you don’t have your keys
– Finding random things in your pants pockets while doing laundry the next day

I don’t know how 10 years has gone by! I still remember moving to Chicago 10 years ago and Jen and Jake pitching the thought of “starting a site like Gothamist but for Chicago.” I still remember meeting my co-founder, Margaret, at the Starbucks in 444 N. Michigan. And meeting our first two writers at Handlebar and drinking super cheap-o Schlitz. Time flies! People change (we’re going to have a Chicagoist playdate soon), but people are fundamentally the same. I need to be better about getting out and seeing everyone!


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Oasis Cafe, Hidden in Jewelers Row

September 6th, 2013 · 1 Comment


A while back Ranee took me, Eric, Andrew and Rob to a secret spot for lunch. Oasis Cafe is a Mediterranean restaurant hidden in the back of a jewelry store in the heart of Jewelers Row! I mean, literally you walk into the jewelry store and pass cases and cases of diamonds and other gems and then you’re standing in front of a counter and placing a lunch order!! The food was really good and we sat outside in a plaza nearby our office and ate. What a great lunch!


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