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CHIRP Presents The First Time: First Digs

April 27th, 2012 · No Comments

Scott Hess, Jessi Langsen, Steve Forstneger

Sondra Morin, Andrew Huff, Ingrid Graudins

Jocelyn Geboy, Liam Davis, Gerald Dowd, Steve Frisbie

Last week Jess and Sara and I went to a CHIRP event, The First Time: First Digs at Beat Kitchen. Like the last two times (1, 2, we had so much fun! This time I only knew one of the readers, Andrew, but as always, they were all great.

We went to Beat Kitchen early and ate dinner. It was half price pizza night and the pies were pretty decent. Because we were there early, we were able to get a seat in the second row. Actually, this time it seemed like everyone in attendance got a seat, where last time, it was so packed, it was standing room only.

All of the essays were good and I admire anyone who has the guts to write something and then stand up and read it in front of a room of people. That said, I loved Steve Forstneger’s story of when he moved to the super dangerous neighborhood of Lincoln Park. He had me rolling on the ground. Hilarious.

Again, after each essay, the band played a song of the writer/reader’s choosing. Again, the band was fabulous. They have such range, they played everything from the theme to Three’s Company to Cyprus Hill. Speaking of which, Insane in the Membrane was one of my favorites of the night. It was by the request of Andrew Huff. Here’s a short clip of it:

If you’re interested, you can read Andrew’s essay here.

The event was $10 and all proceeds went to benefit CHIRP. The next event is going to be in July. Follow CHIRP’s Facebook page to make sure you get alerted as to the exact date! You won’t want to miss it.

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April 2nd, 2008 · 3 Comments

When I was at SXSW I saw Andrew playing with these odd cardboard boxes and building things with them. He told me they were Bloxes and that he was involved with the company and that they were local to Chicago. I thought they were neat, but couldn’t think of a use I’d have for them.. plus they seemed a little too pricey. Andrew told me he made a side chair for his desk out of 20 Bloxes. But 20 Bloxes will cost you $59.95 and all I could think is that I could buy a nice chair for $60 bucks. Anyway…

I came back to our office in Chicago after the conference was over and we had TONS of Bloxes here. Every few days someone thinks of something new to build and we rearrange them into a new shape. It’s been fun to think of different things. My favorites have been the scooter parking that I conceived and John helped me build and the igloo that PaulBaker built. Someone also built some cubes to sit at that were pretty neat. So, I guess we’ve had a lot of fun with the Bloxes in the office, but I still don’t know if I’d have had to pay for them, if I ever would.

More photos of our office Bloxes creations here. Ill probably keep adding to that link as we keep making new things.

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Late Night Late Show

July 3rd, 2005 · 1 Comment

Backstage :: Late Night Late Show, Wrigleyville, Chicago

Green Room :: Late Night Late Show, Wrigleyville, Chicago

Late Night Late Show, Wrigleyville, Chicago

Late Night Late Show, Wrigleyville, Chicago

mr_t.jpgMr. T :: Late Night Late Show, Wrigleyville, Chicago

Audience :: Late Night Late Show, Wrigleyville, Chicago

I was pretty nervous to appear on the Late Night Late Show. I mean, radio, newspaper, even TV.. they’re all edited before anyone sees them. And this was a live show, taped and distributed online. If I tripped and fell and landed on my face or said something retarded, the whole audience would see it AND it would probably be distributed like crazy online.

Once I got to the theater and met with everyone backstage I calmed down a lot. I really didn’t know what to expect or what they were expecting from me, but Jordan, who plays the host Mark Luge, took me aside to explain how it all worked. Basically the show loosely models the late night shows you know – Letterman, Leno, Conan – except that they are improvised and have a theme. The theme for last night was internet/e-/the tech boom. It opened with Luge as the host chatting and talking to his musical sidekick, Mr. T. Then their were some other characters coming on and kind of a running story throughout the show. Andrew Huff and I appeared as the show’s guests and our spot was really only 5-10 minutes (thankfully!).

Before the show the performers were really nice and went out of their way to talk to me, to tell me they checked out the site, and to comfort me about the performance. Everyone was just there to have a good time and to have the audience have a good time. And Nick, the booking agent, was there to get us drinks, make sure we knew what was going on, tell us where to be and when, and basically just hold our hands the whole time. It ended up being a ton of fun.

I think it’d be fun to go back and see a performance that I’m NOT in. They do the show every Saturday at midnight and it’s only $5 to get in.

Also, all week I’ve been like “How many people are really gonna show up at midnight on a Saturday night on a holiday weekend to hear some dorks talk about their websites?” The answer is “about 70.” I took the audience photo while I was on stage and said I was going to blog about it.

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