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Alpana Pours by Alpana Singh

June 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

finished 06.19.08

Alpana signed this book and gave it to me when I invited her in to talk at Google. I have many wine books and I’ve never gotten through any of them. I think there were a few things that helped me get through this book and really learn more about wine. I’ve met Alpana a few times so I could imagine her talking to me throughout the book. Alpana’s writing is just like she speaks and acts, which is really down to earth and relatable. There were several times in the book where she told a story and it was exactly something I either have done, or could have imagined myself doing. I’d heard Alpana tell a few of the stories and techniques in the book, so reading them again was reinforcement. Finally, it’s a book written by a woman my age for women. Which isn’t to say a man can’t read the book and get something out of it… Dallas has been picking it up and reading parts for weeks… but I think it’s a different perspective than what you’re used to when you buy any other wine book.

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Alpana Singh @ Google

June 5th, 2008 · No Comments

This is an author talk I set up before leaving Google. I’d hung out with Alpana a couple times before and asked if she’d like to come in to talk about her book, Alpana Pours, and to lead us in a little wine tasting and she graciously obliged. I actually introduced her in the beginning, but that is cut off the video. Thankfully. But it does explain why the IT guy was jumping up and down and flustering me during my short intro. The camera must not have been rolling!

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