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Wau-King Trail

October 5th, 2008 · No Comments

St. Mary Magdalene’s Parish Cemetery, Waupaca, WI. Flowers on every stone!.

Bowersox Park, Waupaca, WI

All in the same place?

No motor vehicles, no equestrians, no snow mobiles. That leaves walking, running, biking.

Waupaca High School, Waupaca, WI

Downhill warning.

Wau-King Trail

Urban bike meets cornfield.

It was nice that they had plenty of places to rest along the trail.

Smokey the Bear, King, WI

WI Veterans Home, King, WI. My grandpa spent the last years of his life here.

Wally World, King, WI

Waupaca, WI

Attn: Semis

Do all Culver’s have this special? I’ve only noticed it in Waupaca.

The Wau-king trail connects with the River Ridge Trail that I biked in Brainard’s Bridge Park and Swan Park. It connects the towns of Waupaca and King in Wisconsin. I kind of gaffawed when we were in the car and my mom pointed out an area of the trail she thought was hard, but I had a tough time with that part of the trail too. Lots of hills compared to Chicago. It was a rainy, gray day when I biked, but nice because it wasn’t too hot. I could have taken more photos at the end when I got to the highway and there were more businesses and stuff, but I had to hurry up and get back to my parents house to clean up and get on the road to Kelly and Jeff’s house. We were going to the Packers game that night!

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All-You-Can-Eat Red Alaskan King Crab Legs

September 25th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Glenn’s Diner, North Center, Chicago

I’ve been to Glenn’s a few times before, but never on a Tuesday night when they have their all-you-can-eat red Alaskan king crab leg special. Until this week, that is. On Tuesday I met up with Erin and Cinnamon for drinks and dinner at Glenn’s and it was fabulous (both the ladies and the food!).

I mean, seriously. The crab. The legs. They were so big. I don’t even know what to say. I never want those wimpy crab legs you get off a crappy buffet ever again. I mean, they taste good but all that work for nothing. These crab legs were like fist fulls of crab meat. So rewarding and not much work at all. Plus, while I was waiting at the bar for everyone to arrive I made friends with the executive chef. He didn’t know much about wine, except how to pour a lot of it into a glass and he gave us each a glass on him when we each arrived. I think he felt bad because they were pretty packed on account of the crab leg special. I didn’t mind waiting anyway. Erin and Cinnamon and I always have tons to talk about. Throughout the night, though, the chef came by a few times to make sure we were doing well. He said that they break even on the crab special (it’s about $30/person) after you’ve had about 2 of the huge legs and then after that you’re “breaking the bank.” I had 3 legs, I believe. I could have maybe had one more.

Cinnamon, Erin and I ended up closing the place down and being the last to leave at 11 p.m. Time flies when you’re bitching about politics and the economy and swapping life stories! Till next month, girls!

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