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Game of Phones

July 17th, 2014 · No Comments


A while back…. ok, a LONG while back, just before we went to Hawaii (!!!!)…. I went and saw Game of Phones. Alden was on the writing team, so I went to check it out at the Second City theater with Jess and Chris and Sara. It was really good! Funny. And not like one long story, but more like quick bits on pop culture, and especially on our relationship with technology. Afterwards we had some drinks with the cast and crew and I liked hearing the kind of behind-the-scenes stuff from Alden. How they wrote, how they decided what to write, what made it into the show, how they casted, etc. So interesting.

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Paul Baker’s Birthday at Headquarters Beercade

February 5th, 2014 · No Comments


Paul Baker’s birthday at Headquarters was so much fun last year, that we did it again this year! The bar has really expanded, thankfully. They’ve added 7,000 square feet and the new area is much more spacious. I just remember last year it was so packed and took forever to get a beer. The new space has, I think, 2-3 additional bars! I only played a couple games and spent most of my time catching up with Alden and Paul and Kate. I hadn’t seen Paul and Kate since the summer!!

Before the arcade fun, we had dinner at Penny’s. I hadn’t been there forever. After the arcade, Alden and I went to Barrelhouse Flat for one drink. Jess was at a show and tried to get into Headquarters but the line was LONG. Like 50 people. Even with their expanded space. So we met her and Chris and another friend at Barrelhouse Flat. I was so tired from standing all night, though, so then we headed to Paddy Long’s for one more.. then I was out! That was the longest I’d stayed up and out for a looong time and I was TIRED. Fun night, though.

P.S. Emporium Arcade Bar might be opening a second location in Logan Square, by our house, but Headquarters Beercade is also opening a second location in River North in the spring.

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Parts and Labor

January 15th, 2014 · No Comments



Parts and Labor is a new restaurant that opened in Logan Square recently. About a week after opening, Alden and I went to check it out. The guys from Boiler Room opened Parts and Labor and there are many similarities: Logan Square, interesting interior, awesome food and drink combos, cash only.



The menu is simple. You can get a burger (meat or bean) and you can get some sides. That’s about it. For $10 you can get a burger, a side and either a shot or a beer. Alden and I both got the combo. His was with fried giardiniera on the side and mine with fried pickles. We both liked the burgers, which are simple, thin burgers cooked on the griddle. They’re assembled with two patties, two buns, American cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato and pickles. We both also really liked the fried giardiniera. I’d never had anything like it before. The outside was a really crispy tempura batter and inside was the pickled goodness. The fried pickles were o.k., but nothing to write home about. Our service was good and our waitress was really nice.


There were a few things we didn’t like about Parts and Labor. We were seated in uncomfortable chairs at a counter that faced Milwaukee Avenue. Our view for the entire night was the bus stop and McDonalds. I felt like we were at McDonalds and missing the entire ambiance that they put so much work into. I’d think that these counter seats would be the last seats they used, when all other seats were taken, but there were plenty of other seats available for us to sit at when we came in.


I was fine with our combo that included the crappy beer. But I wouldn’t want to drink that beer all night. If I’m a beer drinker there were only 2-3 other choices of nicer beers, all of which were large format. Finally, the fried twinkie wasn’t that great. We liked the raspberry sauce, but the twinkie itself could have been fried anything.


I think, in summary, Parts and Labor is a great addition to the Logan Square neighborhood. I’d definitely go again for a burger but I’d pick a different side. And if I got seated at the counter, especially in that same spot, I’d ask to move.

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