Doug & Naoko’s Labor Day Weekend BBQ

Joey, Doug, Jordan, Dallas, Cory, Matt :: Elgin, IL

Smoked Salmon :: Elgin, IL

Grillin’ George :: Elgin, IL

Vincent & Dallas :: Elgin, IL

Kalbi Rib Bones :: Elgin, IL

Dallas :: Elgin, IL

Shoes in the Entryway :: Elgin, IL

On Sunday we went out to Elgin for Doug & Naoko’s annual BBQ. This year they had grilled mahi mahi fish tacos and kalbi ribs. Yum! Dallas brother, Jordan, and his dad, George, are both in town visiting from Seattle and North Carolina. Jordan actually came here right from a 2-week jaunt in Alaska for work, so he had lots of smoked Copper River salmon. He said that it was just caught like last week and that a son of his coworker had done it all himself. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, but it was really good. Much sweeter than I’d expected.