Upgrading to the iPhone 6

February 18th, 2015


In 2009, Dallas bought me my first smart phone for my birthday: the iPhone 3GS. In 2012, he upgraded me to the iPhone 5, again, for my birthday. About a month or so, he did it again. My birthday/Christmas gift was the iPhone 6. The reason for the delay was because I didn’t know if I really wanted it. Nothing was really wrong with my iPhone 5…. nothing except I was a few versions behind and it made me feel a little behind, given that we design and produce cutting edge applications at work. I didn’t want to get too far behind and left in the dust!

I’d been doing some testing for work on a Nexus 5 and the screen was about the same size as the iPhone 6, so I thought I was ready to take the plunge. But when I got the 6, is when I realized, testing didn’t involve trying to text or do anything while holding a baby in one hand! The size of the phone is quite a bit bigger and does make things difficult, what with my small lady hands, at times. I got the phone on a Friday over lunch and had about one weekend of regret. I traded in my iPhone 5 (they gave me $104 for it) so there was no turning back. It wasn’t long before I got used to it.

Now, I think the benefits outweigh the size disadvantages. After about two years of not actually reading a book, only listening on audio, I have now already completed reading three books on my new phone. I also really love the touch id feature. No more having to type in a code every time to unlock my phone. I just hold my finger or thumb on it for a second and boom. Love it. Apple Pay has also been cool to play with. I say “play” because the only place I’ve ever used it was at Walgreen’s. It would be nice if it was more widely accepted… maybe some day.

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At the Mariano’s Salad Bar

February 10th, 2015


This made my day!

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Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

February 9th, 2015

finished 02.09.15

Our book club at work has been revived. I missed the meeting, but was told this was the next book to read. So I did. I really liked the premise. A woman whose family was murdered when she was a child. She was there but has problems remembering. Her brother has been in jail all this time…. she starts to investigate. It’s a murder mystery with a twist. While I really liked it, I thought it was an odd choice for a work book club. Some of the scenes are really gruesome! I had to skip a few pages.

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