Rachelle Bowden is a designer who lives in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago.

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Email: rachelle@rachelleb.com


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  • ann mckenna

    hi rachel,
    i think this is like the 2nd time i’ve seen your blog. everytime, i google – Chicago Google office – this comes up haha. Anyways, you blog about pretty interesting stuff – I feel ya on the paulina stop. My boyfriend lives on ashland and its gonna be a pain now. Plus, I loved getting off the stop and grabbing a drink at the Waterhouse. Well anyway – blog away!

  • Rachelle B

    Hey Rachelle,
    I just wanted to say hi because we have the same name and I am from New Orleans. I enjoyed your blogs and pictures from New Orleans and watching you experience our culture for the first time.

  • R. Adam Peters

    Love the pics of Chicago. I’ve been in Vegas for 16 years and I’m dying to get back. Keep ‘em coming.

  • Hermin

    Hi Rachelle!!

    Please tell Allison to make that soup for me you have on your site!

    Take care!

  • Sandra Claus

    Hi Rachel:
    I cannot figure out how to leave a comment about how I would use a WII to get fit so I will tell you here. I am a retired postal worker and currently a senior in college. As I am now a home health care provider I am interested in enriching my clients lives. I believe that should I be able to use a WII I could make my own health a priority by playing it with my clients as well as assist them with their balance and fitness. I am sixty-one and have allowed myself to put my own fitness on hold while helping others. I find it is now time for me to take care of myself. Please consider my entry. If this is the wrong forum please email me and let me know.

  • Matt

    How odd…I googled Battery Steele in Maine for a book I am writing and found the post about Norwell MA. I grew up there back in the 80s. Dam..what a small world! Cool blog though.

  • Akiko

    Hi Rachel,
    I like your blog and I’ve been your reader for a long time,
    also I followed your twitter account.
    But today I found that you blocked me at twitter. Very sad.
    If you don’t want to be followed by someone who you don’t know, you should hide your twitter account, I guess.
    It was very sad for me to be blocked.

  • Russ Grant

    Great detective work on the ever so slow work going on at Nice Slice. We are still 4-6 weeks away.
    Give me a call and I’ll give you a preview tour. In fact Sunday night we are having a Pizza Party/Beer for some of the staff, friends of staff and others. You are welcome to come and bring a friend if you rsvp my email address. NOT a grand opening party just an excuse to get together, brainstorm ideas and use our big ass oven for something other than a nice thingto look at.
    Russ Grant
    Partner, Nice Slice

  • Kindy Kruller

    Hi Rachel-

    I found your photos from ’06 of Eckhart Park and wanted to inquire if I could use them to build out the Eckhart Park Advisory Council Facebook page. I’m trying to get lots of different images from the park and yours are really great. Let me know! I will credit you and post a link to your blog too.

    Kindy Kruller
    EPAC Co-Chair

    • RachelleB

      Kindy – Feel free to use the images, as long as you credit and link back to this blog. Can you send me a link to the Facebook page when it’s complete?

  • Kindy Kruller

    Hi Rachelle-

    Sorry, just realized I misspelled your name. Apologies!

  • Elizabeth

    I found your blog via Serious Eats – and was excited to see that you live in my new ‘hood. Looking forward to learning more about good Chicago eats from your archive!

  • Eli

    Martinis don’t cost more for extra dirty. It’s printed like that on the ticket for the bartender to know extra dirty.

  • Michelle Lehman

    hey… you are/must be a cousin of some sort… we have a Bear Creek connection with Norder’s Bar. We should have a wee chat!

  • Sarah

    Hello, Rachelle,

    This is an interesting blog you have. We’re also located in the Chicagoland area. I wanted to know if we could use one of your pictures on our website on our page about being pregnant on Thanksgiving (from here: http://www.rachelleb.com/2010/11/17/early-thanksgiving-dinner-at-aunty-lauras-house/)

    You can check out the page we want to use the picture on over here: http://oakparkultrasound.com/thanksgiving.html

    We will of course link the picture back to your blog.

  • Bev

    Hi Rachelle,
    I would love to obtain permission to use your photo of your friends and Vincent D’Onofrio in our 2015 fan calendar. Could you email me please? Please refer to the website for full details.
    Thanks so much, Bev

  • Sherri Pelkey

    Just wanted to say that my grandma lived in the big white house on the hill her name was Esther Pelkey. Wanted to always go back to Bear Creek to see what was done to that old house if it changed inside.

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