So Long, Milwaukee & California Produce



Our local Mexican “produce stand” is closing today. I’ve complained about this place a lot, probably, but we really will miss it. We used it constantly to pick up a green pepper here and an avocado there. They have GREAT salsa that they make on site. I remember when we first looked at our condo when construction wasn’t even complete. The developer had two containers of salsa from the produce stand. And the good Mexican chips. Not Frito Lay! Aside from produce, we stopped here a lot to get milk and cheese and crema Mexicana.

If you’re wondering what’s going on, the diner next door, Cozy Corner is expanding into the space. You can’t blame them. They do crazy business and could totally fill the extra space without a problem. I hope this means that they’ll stay open longer. Right now they’re open only for breakfast and lunch. They would kill on dinner and especially late night, if they chose to stay open!

You will be missed, Milwaukee & California Produce (Formerly known as Emilio’s Produce). Now there really is not a convenient supermarket within walking distance!

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One thought on “So Long, Milwaukee & California Produce

  1. NOOOoooooo… :-( Not an amazing grocery store or anything but we would pop in there from time to time for odds and ends like you guys. Not sure what will replace it. I’m pretty bummed about this.

    Tell me again why we don’t have a Trader Joes? :-)

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