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This past weekend my niece Stephanie came to Chicago for her annual summer visit. A few days before Steph’s visit, I started suggesting things we could do. Steph ranked things in the order she was interested and we hit most of her top choices. First up: Visit to Chinatown.

I haven’t spent as much time in Chicago’s Chinatown as I have in New York’s, so I got a ton of advice from my friends on Facebook on where to go. We visited the main part of Chinatown on Wentworth first and visited a bunch of little stores filled to the brim with trinkets and things. Then we headed up to Chinatown Square, which is a big outdoor Chinese mall with a ton of restaurants and shops. After walking around a ton more, we realized it was past 8 p.m., so we headed to Sweet Station for dinner. The menu was huge and we were just going to pick a few things to try and share, but then we ended up trying something different. Steph never had hot pot before, so we decided to give it a try. I’ve never had it in Chicago, and haven’t had it in New York for a couple years, so I was really looking forward to it.

The Red Line is all messed up now and on the way down, we had to take the Blue Line to a hot and crowded bus. I was so tired by then, I could not do the long bus ride to the train, so we just cabbed it home. It was kind of late and we had a big day the next day!

I had a fun night and fun weekend hanging out with Stephanie. I can’t believe she only has one year of high school left!!! Lots of talk of which colleges she’s going to apply to.. and also, she’s taking her driving test this week. CRAZY!!! So grown up!

By the way, this is Steph’s 7th summer visit to Chicago. Check out previous visits:

2012 Shopping on Michigan Ave., Blue Man Group, MSI
2011 Trapeze School, Summer Sessions, Manicures
2010 Segway Tour, Tour de Fat, Summer Sess., Skate Prk
2009 Adler Planetarium, Cirque, Navy Pier
2008 Sears Tower, Mill. Park, Art Institute, Retro on Roscoe
2006 Hanging in Roscoe Village, Shedd Aquarium
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