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One of our neighbors gave us a Reno gift certificate for housesitting and I finally got around to using it in March? Maybe? I just came back across the photos recently and remembered. Reno is in the spot that used to be Ciao Napoli. It was opened by the same guys that do Bluebird, Webster’s Wine Bar and the neighboring spot, Telegraph. I’ve enjoyed all of these places, so I had high hopes.

I walked over to Reno and got a takeout order of the cremini mushroom pizza with smoked onions and roasted garlic. I had a bit more on the gift certificate, so I also got the roasted broccoli side, which had this crispy pecorino cheese that was SO good. The pizza is wood-fired. I’m no pizza snob, but I thought it was pretty good. I was kind of annoyed that instead of putting the roasted garlic on the pizza they just gave me an entire bulb of roasted garlic. I squeezed it out and put some on the first slice, but then didn’t even bother with the rest.

Reno also makes wood-fired bagels in the morning and I really want to get over there to try those out one day. The things is, even though they’re in Logan Square, they’re just far enough away to be off my radar. Glad I found these photos to remind me to check them out again!

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