Paul Baker’s Birthday at Headquarters Beercade

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For his birthday, Paul Baker got everyone together at Headquarters Beercade. This is a new(ish) arcade/bar that opened in the fall. We had fun playing a bunch of arcade games and pinball games and celebrating Paul’s birthday.

Headquarters had most of the same arcade games that Emporium has, the bar/arcade place we’ve been to in Wicker Park. I couldn’t help but compare the two places. Headquarters lets you play the games for no charge, where Emporium charges a quarter. I almost like paying the quarter more because then there are consequences when you die. At Headquarters you just keep pressing “Continue” til infinity if you want. It makes it so it doesn’t matter if you die. And also people can hog the machines forever! Headquarters is a little more of a sports bar feel. They have a lot of TVs and even when the games were over, they played some old Hulk Hogan WWF and American Gladiators. Both bars have good beer lists.


Dallas left after a few hours to meet some other friends. At some point after midnight Jess and I went and met Chris, Tim and Ken at Barrelhouse Flat. I’ve always wanted to go there after hearing my coworker Garrett talk about it. We had some fancy drinks and fancy popcorn. Then everyone said it was time to go home, but I went and met Alden for some decidedly not fancy tacos at Arturo’s. Somehow it was 3am and I had to go. Dallas and I got home at pretty much the exact same time. Long night. .. but fun. Happy bday, Paul!

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