The Sad State of Grant Park

January 9th, 2013 · 3 Comments


In November they started ripping up Grant Park, removing trees (877, to be exact) and bulldozing to make way for Maggie Daley Park. It looks so sad now. When we look across the street from our office all we see is a construction fence. I have mixed feelings. I never really knew this part of Grant Park, this northern tip, until our office moved over here in the spring. Over the summertime, I grew to quite like it. It wasn’t as intricately manicured as the neighboring Millennium Park and it seems more natural. A great contrast to Millennium Park.. but now we’re getting Millennium Park Part II, I think. And the saddest part, maybe, is that the park isn’t slated to open until 2015, so it’s 2 more years of construction. Sigh. Then again, maybe the new park will knock my socks off and be totally worth it. We’ll see!


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  • JakeP

    That’s a lot of trees to take down. Figured they were Ash trees or something and the city was concerned about the Borer. But…they’re not!

    I suppose the good news is that they’ll replace them with 1000 new trees when they’re done.

    In that bottom picture, it sure doesn’t look like a park at this point.

    • RachelleB

      It looks terrible. Like a huge construction site. I’m going to try to take a photo from our 3rd floor cafeteria.. there’s a great view of the park. . . . errr.. construction site.

  • Bobby R

    Trying to make the area bigger in a Cental Park sort of way maybe? I bet it will be incredible once it is finished.

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