Copa di Vino

I saw this Copa Di Vino wine at Damen Food and Liquor over the summer. Kelly and I were talking about how we saw this product on Shark Tank.. this is probably the only thing from that show that I’ve ever seen out in the wild. I remember not really liking the smarmy founder, who was on the show twice, but I guess he’s doing well!

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2 thoughts on “Copa di Vino

  1. That guy was on a repeat of Shark Tank tonight. It was his 2nd trip. That’s how I found your blog: I Googled that bizzarr-o inventor to see what’s become of him and your blog showed up. LOL!

    Good stuff you have going on here.

    I applauded when Mark Cuban said, “I’m out!” It’s an interesting study of someone with a brilliant idea, but and positive potential is outweighed by having to put up with his smarm and drama.

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