Jacqueline on Kauai, The Aloha Shirt Lady

October 30th, 2012 · 2 Comments

I stumbled upon Jacqueline on Kauai in Hanapepe and it was pretty cool. The owner, Jacqueline, custom makes aloha shirts. As I wondered around the shop there were a ton of shirts and other things she’s hand made. Not only that, but a lot of her customers have sent her photos of themselves wearing the shirts and letters telling her how awesome she is. How cool is that? I was the only one in the shop at the time and as I wondered to the back, there was Jacqueline, doing what she does. Cutting and sewing! She was working so hard, I don’t even think she noticed I was there! When I left the shop, I was taking a photo and Jacqueline walked into it. Nice!

Check out Jacqueline on Kauai if you’re in Hanapepe, and check out this article on Jacqueline from Hana Hou magazine.

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  • Ian W

    I just read about Jacqueline On Kaua’i. We will be on Kaua’i next month and will be sure to partake in the Friday Night Art Walk. And I want to be sure to stop into Jacqueline On Kaua’i! Would you mind telling me how much Jacqueline charges for a men’s aloha shirt? My dad would love one as a gift!

    • RachelleB

      Hi, Ian – I really don’t remember how much the shirts were. I was just browsing, not buying. You can expect to pay more for a custom-made aloha shirt, though. This site has contact information. Maybe you could send them an email or call to find out.

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