Jordan and Liz’s Wedding Ceremony

Jordan and Liz had a simple, beautiful wedding ceremony. Jordan was wearing a maile lei and Liz had a pikake lei and then they exchanged purple orchid leis. The ceremony was pretty quick, but did not beat the 9 minute record we set last year. I loved the location. The beach was there, the river was there. There was black lava rock and many trees to give it a natural look. But you could also get a tropical beach view. Both the bride and groom were barefoot in the sand. We all should have been, now that I think of it! What I loved about this wedding ceremony is that there were so many genuine smiles and laughs! Jordan and Liz, and all of the family too, were so relaxed and having a great time.

Here’s a video I made of Jordan and Liz’s wedding:

If you were wondering, Jordan and Liz used Kauai Island Weddings to plan their wedding.

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