Getting Ready For Jordan and Liz’s Wedding

October 21st, 2012 · 2 Comments

Some how drunkenly at the family dinner the night before the wedding, it was decided that Dallas and I would pick up Liz, her dad Charlie, and her step mom Kathy, and take them to the wedding. I did not mind doing this, but hey, no pressure… you just have to make sure the most important person makes it safely and on time! The morning of the wedding Jordan was at our house hanging out while Liz got ready. That first photo is his “Hey, I’m still single!” pose. When it was time to leave (the wedding was on the complete opposite side of the island, more than an hour’s drive away), Jordan went to pick up other family members and we went to pick up Liz. To add on, only a couple of Dallas’s family members actually knew where the location was so we had to also lead Liz’s stepdad and make sure his car full of family made it there.

Kathy, Kathy, Charlie, Liz, Savannah, Shannon, Jackson

Jordan and Liz chose Kalihiwai Beach as the location for their wedding. This is a beach that has special meaning to them. They have visited it together and a good friend of theirs, Chad, who is also a distant cousin, lives right on the beach there. The wedding was planned to be very casual. There were no attendants, just Jordan and Liz, and the people attending were only immediate family. And Chad. Because, you know.. he lives there :). Oh, and his mom, because she was home. Haha.

Kalihiwai Beach is a wide, white-sand beach and is located in the Kalihiwai Bay. The wedding took place where the Kalihiwai River feeds into the ocean and the backdrop was some beautiful lava cliffs with shady ironwood trees. The beach was a bit rustic, with lots of coconut shells and sticks and things. Very natural. There were not too many people on the beach. Enough to have some onlookers, but not enough to be a nuisance or to get random people in all of the photos.

While all of the family assembled themselves on the beach, Jordan got instruction from the officiant. He also was told to face the water and not look back at the beach. This was because Liz did not want him to see her until the actual ceremony. Meanwhile Liz made her way to the beach with her mom, Toni, and Jordan’s mom, Kathy. Liz’s dad, Charlie, walked out to meet them and to walk to the ceremony area.

The mom’s helped each other put on wrist corsages while the wedding planner helped Liz and her dad get ready for their big “entrance.”

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  • Nan

    Love her hair!

    • RachelleB

      She got her hair and makeup done at a fancy spa at the Grand Hyatt Resort. She told me that the lady she worked with was literally like “do you want me to go outside and pick some orchids for your hair?” and that’s what she came back with. The same orchids were growing at the house we were renting. I loved that they were purple and added color.

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