Imua Kamehameha

Clearing out some super old posts that I had sitting here in WordPress… I found this link I saved way back in 2009 and never did anything with. I Mua Kamehameha is the fight song of Kamehameha Schools, where Dallas attended junior high and high school. Click to listen:

Imua Kamehameha

I heard this song a ton back in 2009 when Dallas and I were on Oahu attending events for his 15 year class reunion.

And if you’re wondering about the translation, I got this from the Kamehameha Schools site:

Imua, Kamehameha ē Forward Kamehameha
A lanakila ‘oe Until you have gained the victory
Paio, paio like mau Go forward, strive, strive in unity
I ola kou inoa. That your name may live.
Ka wā nei hō‘ike a‘e ‘oe Go forward
‘A ‘ohe lua ou. This is the time for you to reveal
E lawe lilo ka ha‘aheo That there is none to compare with you
No Kamehameha ē. Take the victory with pride for Kamehameha

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