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On Sunday I had several hours to kill between brunch and my flight home, so I decided to walk around a bit and take in the neighborhood. I believe that Luca on Sunset, where I had brunch is technically in Hollywood, not West Hollywood. I started there and walked west, entering into West Hollywood and the section of Sunset Boulevard known as the Sunset Strip. This is a mile and a half stretch that is the best known portion of Sunset. There are many fancy stores and restaurants and clubs. There are a million billboards and is supposedly a hangout for celebrities, although I did not see any. One of my fellow Nintendo brand ambassadors did see Jason Bateman at her brunch spot, though! I walked for a total of about 3.5 miles. So, long, but not too long. It was sunny and more than 90 degrees out and I hiked straight up a hill at the end, so it was challenging enough.

This is where I first set off from, right by Luca on Sunset, where I had brunch. I like the brick work.

The famous Laugh Factory. Every big-time comedian has been through here, right?

I recognized the Chateau Marmont as “that famous place where all the celebrities hang out.” .. and sometimes die, it seems.

Rocky and Bullwinkle outside a fancy dog boutique, Hollywood Hounds.

Now leaving Hollywood and entering into West Hollywood. I see the National Lampoon World Headquarters. Apparently they were formed to “develop, produce, provide creative services and distribute National Lampoon branded comedic content through a broad range of media platforms.” Who knew?

Oh, Jasmine. I’ve missed you, but I’ll see you soon in Hawaii!

The Family by David Green.

Anyone know what kind of car this is?

WhHo = West Hollywood.

Looking west on the Sunset Strip.

Uh, yeh… these hills? We are not in Chicago. This is looking south on Sweetzer Avenue.

Why’d you have to go and make things to complicated?

The Standard. This is where I stayed on my trip. This is the original location of this small hotel chain.

North of the Sunset Strip it’s super hilly with winding roads and houses built on top of each other. According to Hollywood Tours, “Countless celebrities live in the exclusive neighborhoods that extend north of the Sunset Strip into the Hollywood Hills.”

This was some cool graffiti. You had to view the fence at an angle to see it.

Saddle Ranch. Looked super cheesy.

Very Perry Ellis.

The Comedy Store, another very famous club where all the comedians perform.

Interesting exterior on the House of Blues.

Bird of Paradise. When I lived in San Diego these were planted right outside my apartment door in our building’s courtyard. Love them!

La Cienega Boulevard. Just a little hilly. At the end of my walk I hiked it up one of these. Did I mention it was 95 and humid that day? It wasn’t a pretty sight!

77 Sunset Strip is a show that aired in the late 50s and early 60s. I guess it was filmed right here. Apparently there’s some controversy about the redevelopment of this area and an actor from the old show is involved.

Sunset Plaza had many stores and restaurants. I did some shopping at H&M.

Mel’s Drive-In.

Ay Papi!

The Sunset Strip Market looks pretty awesome.

I had no idea what this odd round green building was until I looked it up online. It’s the home of a production company called Mutato Muzika, which was founded by Mark Mothersbaugh. I don’t recognize the name of his company, but I definitely know who he is from the Rushmore soundtrack. Mutato Muzika has produced music for many films, television shows and commercials (Apple’s PC vs. Mac!).


Sunset Boulevard.

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  • Brian Deck

    The car is a 1955 Ford Thunderbird (the first year for the T-Bird), with a 1956 or 1957 hardtop (the port holes in the hardtop were 1956 and 1957 only – the 1955 hard top didn’t have port holes), missing the fender skirts, and with aftermarket wheels. The 1955 was also the only year from 1955-1957 that didn’t have the fresh air inlet on the front fenders, the 1956 & 1957 had them.

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