The Case of the Missing Nintendo Mug

September 20th, 2012 · 1 Comment

My old-school Nintendo controller mug that I use every single day went missing in the office recently. I wouldn’t really care that much, it was an inexpensive mug, BUT! It could not be replaced easily. I bought the mug at the Nintendo America headquarters in Seattle when I visited last year and the mugs were not for sale anywhere else. Also, everyone loved that Nintendo mug. People used to always comment on it in the kitchen or in meetings where I was drinking coffee. They all wanted to know where I got it and I would tell them how I got it at HQ on a brand ambassador trip or we would reminisce about the games we used to play with the old-school system… And then it was gone!

So, I asked around everywhere. All of my coworkers, our administrative staff, our cleaning staff… I checked every cupboard in the office kitchen and the supply room and anywhere that I could think of. No sign of the mug! I even made a MISSING poster and pinned it up in a heavily trafficked area near the kitchen. Someone told me they had seen it in a conference room a few days prior, but otherwise no one knew anything! As I walked around, people would ask me if I’d found it yet and say how bummed they were that I hadn’t. And other people were looking everywhere for it too! Josh was working late one night and told me he checked every desk top! On Facebook, Matt volunteered to drive to the headquarters and buy me a new one, since he lives not too far away. My mom said she tried to buy me a new mug online, but when she Googled “nintendo old school mug” she got this website!

Well, I might never know what happened to the mug I bought in Seattle, but the good folks at Nintendo and Brand About Town completely saved the day and surprised me by sending me a new mug! Thanks so much for making it a happy ending, guys! So glad to have my mug back.

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