Wisconsin Barbecue

August 30th, 2012 · 2 Comments

Milo resting in the shade.

Quarter keg of Spotted Cow.

Rock and Jeff

Richard and Brian


Shorty again. We debated how old he is… 13? 15?

Jason and Jessica

Jessica and Jason

Brian, Sheila, Ashley playing beersbee

Richard and Rock playing beersbee

Fire pit, where the play gym used to be.

Over the weekend my brother had a barbecue at his house. I hadn’t been up to his house for a visit since Christmas, so I wanted to make sure to go. The weather was a little hot at first, but then cooled to comfortable temperature. I played a game of bocce with Jess and played bags with my brother and his friends. Steph had band until 3 and then invited a few friends over. Like typical teenagers, they mostly hung around each other, away from the rest of the party, except when Sheila infiltrated every now and then! My brother and his friends also played beersbee, which I thought at first was the frisbie game, but is not. My brother accidentally made the hamburgers, frisbee style, the way my dad makes them, but redid the batch. Those frisbee burgers would have worked out well for the beersbee game! It was fun to hang out and relax and meet some more of my brother’s friends.

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  • Nan

    WOW! Shorty is still alive! Did you get him before/after Kellard and Onyx? Both of my kitties are resting in peace. I think they’d be about 14 now if my math is right.

    • RachelleB

      I moved to California in 2000 and I had Shorty for a year or two before that and was a year old when I got him, so he is probably around 14 or 15.

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