August 29th, 2012 · 1 Comment

I first learned about Uber back in July when I ranted to John about our horrible taxi experiences in Logan Square and how hard it was to get to Katie and Andy’s wedding reception. He told me how it’s an app for your phone that allows you to get a fancy cab (not smelly, not with broken down air conditioning, no driver mumbling on a cell, etc) within minutes and how you can pay with a credit card on file, tip included, so no messing with cash or trying to convince the driver to accept your credit card.

Well.. I was interested but sort of forgot about it. Until I got to work. Where all the iOS developers are totally into it. Last week I finally took my first ride using Uber. Jacob used it to take us to lunch. He upgraded to an SUV to comfortably seat the five of us. Our driver was like a chauffeur and he arrived within four or five minutes. And at our destination, no one had to pay anyone. It was all taken care of. Crazy!

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  • JR

    You should check out @ChicagoCabbie on Twitter. You can arrange for pickup ahead of time. Takes credit card and has wifi. Very nice SUV cab.

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