Olivia Leigh Photographie Fifth Anniversary

August 27th, 2012 · 2 Comments

Rachelle & Olivia

The Saint, Saint Germain + Bubbles

The Saint, Saint Germain + Bubbles

House-Marinated Olives

Benton’s Bacon madisonville, TN


Last week Olivia celebrated the fifth anniversary of Olivia Leigh Photographie with a champagne toast at 694 Wine. I could not be more happy and proud of her for this accomplishment! I had not seen Olivia for a long time, maybe even a year or two, but really wanted to make a point to be there for her celebration.

Jess and I enjoyed Olivia’s favorite drink, The Saint, which was Saint Germaine mixed with champagne. Delicious. And because we were extra hungry and didn’t want to eat her entire board of meat and cheese, we ordered some super delicous olives and some bacon that was supposed to be the best evs, but that we didn’t love. Olivia later said the paninis are really great.

I had never been to this wine bar when it was Juicy (I know, I’m the only one), but I hear it was exactly the same now that is 694. I really liked the space and it had a super cute outside patio where Olivia made a really heartfelt toast.

It was great to see Olivia and reminisce about our Chicagoist days. I think we met back in 2006. I spotted some of her photos on Flickr, asked permission to use them on the site, and eventually asked her to join the staff. Back then we couldn’t even take her out because she wasn’t 21 yet! How times have changed… for everyone. Congratulations, Olivia! Here’s to many more years of success!

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