Wisconsin Weekend

Over the weekend Dallas and I drove up to Wisconsin for a visit. We arrived in the early afternoon and spent some time out in the back yard where the weather was perfect. My mom and I ran to a store nearby called the Bulk-Priced Food Shoppe. She loves to go and look around, even if she doesn’t buy anything, and I can totally see why. They had such a variety of food and it was all so reasonably priced! Everything from nuts to different flavored sea salts to pastas shaped like anything you can imagine, candy, cake decorating supplies, dips, cheeses… the list goes on and on. I bought a few things, but could have gone totally crazy.

Later on my cousin Kelly and Mark came over and we had a barbecue. Mark brought some sausage his friend gave him and one of the meats was llama! It pretty much tasted like any other sausage, but now I can say I ate llama. Then we headed out for a Wisconsin Timber Rattlers game, like we did last year. They played the Peoria Chiefs and it was a fun game even though the Rattlers totally got spanked.

In the morning we had brunch at Apple City in Appleton. This place is located next to an retirement development and has a ton of senior specials, so if you want to feel really young, go eat there! I didn’t care for the coffee, but my omelette was good.

Before we knew it, not even 24 hours later, we were back on the road. Goes by fast! Thanks for the great weekend, mom & dad!

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