The Congress Theater, Minus the Theater

Last night I was walking up Milwaukee Ave when I noticed that the Congress Theater had whitewashed the word “Theater” off their sign. Is this because of all the renovations they’re doing? They’ve been having a ton of issues and are said to be adding 10 – 18 street-level spaces including a grocer, a cafe and a gastropub. I can’t figure out if they still will also be a theater, but the removal of the word from their sign seems to indicate they won’t be. I also noticed a lot of windows papered up. Guess they’re getting to work already!

Here’s a photo I took in 2009, for comparison:


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3 thoughts on “The Congress Theater, Minus the Theater

  1. Hey Rachel –

    There will still be a theatre. It’s what makes the money to support the rest of the complex. It’s getting some renovations also – so stay tuned. Doejo is an awesome company which I believe will do a lot to change this venues image. If Caranza can keep it together, this will be awesome. I believe the permits have been issued, so work could begin any time.

    • Thanks for the info! I would love it if they could also renovate and get rid of all that scaffolding that it on the building. I don’t know what it is.. seems like it’s there for structural reasons? The front of the building is so pretty, if they could get rid of that!

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