Sunday Funday at Emporium Arcade Bar and Antique Taco

Last Friday Dallas and some friends went to check out Emporium Arcade Bar, but it was super packed, he said. Trevor mistakenly bought $20 worth of tokens (you put in the machine instead of quarters, though they still only cost a quarter), but Dallas only needed one. He put one token in the Street Fighter 2 and then beat every person who walked up to challenge him. After a while he just gave up!

We went back to Emporium Arcade on Sunday to check it out and it was not packed at all. During the day the bar was bright and pretty. Lots of nice wood. The arcade games line the walls and there was plenty of seating for our small group. Trevor had given us his $20 worth of tokens, so we had plenty of gameplay. I checked out Double Dragon, Rampage, and of course Tetris. I remembered all of these from when I was young. Dallas played a bit of Street Fighter 2, but was disappointed that there was no one there to challenge him! He was up for some more butt kicking.

The arcade doesn’t have a kitchen, but you can bring in whatever you want. One of Dallas’s friends showed up with tacos and said he got them two doors down. I assumed it was some old taqueria, but when I headed over, the “taqueria” was Antique Taco, a new restaurant I’d read about that had just opened a month or so ago. So, yay. I got to try two new things in one day, and both of them were great.

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