Marine Air Terminal at Laguardia

June 14th, 2012 · 2 Comments

American Airlines has been my carrier of choice these past few years and I have a ton of miles with them. I try to fly with American whenever I can but last week, with less than 24-hours travel notice, it was not possible. I ended up on a Delta commuter plane. Tiny. And we flew in and out of a terminal that I never even knew existed at La Guardia. The Marine Air Terminal?

It’s not even connected to the airport. It’s out by the car rental places! And to get there we had to take a shuttle bus. Pain in the butt. I’ll try to avoid this in the future because it pretty much sucked. When I flew in it took FOREVER to get a cab to the office. I imagine that all the cabs go to the main cab stands at Laguardia and not out to this backwoods terminal.

The Marine Air Terminal itself is kind of posh. Nice, comfortable seats. Plenty of charging stations. Not to mention that there was no security line because there are only a handful of gates… but.. the food selection? UGH. Not good. I guess, though, if you don’t care about eating a $12 sandwich that has been premade, wrapped in plastic and has been sitting for ages… and if you don’t care about waiting in a cab line forever…. then maybe this is ok. Maybe I am just spoiled by Bayless at O’Hare.

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