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My brother and I have always wanted to visit one of the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings around the Chicago area, so when I saw a buy one get one free Google offer I jumped on it. A few weeks ago we visited the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio in Oak Park. Unlike other Wright-designed buildings and homes, this is one that he actually lived in with his family. It was pretty much his first project and not everything inside is typical Wright design because he was still very young and experimenting with what he liked. I thought it was an interesting tour. Definitely worth the discounted rate of $7.50/per person we paid for it!

Walking around outside before the tour. This is the house:

And this is the studio:

The first room we saw (not counting the entryway/foyer) was the living room.

Next we walked through this hallway. When the house was built, they built around a tree that already existed. You can see the original tree in the black and white photo. The branches in the hallway now are just props.

The hallway lead to the dining room. Check out that custom ceiling light.

I loved the windows throughout the house. They were really pretty in the dining room.

Next we went upstairs and visited the children’s bedrooms (no photos) and the master bedroom.

And the master bathroom:

This was a room for Wright’s wife.

Down the hall was the children’s playroom.

With more pretty windows.

And a beautiful skylight.

True fact: Frank Lloyd Wright’s son invented Lincoln Logs.

Check out this piano that is recessed into the wall in the playroom.

It sticks out into the stairway behind it!

At the bottom of the steps was the kitchen.

Next we went over to the studio. The home was built in 1889 and the studio in 1898.

Inside there was a large balconied room with drafting tables and a fireplace, where Wright and his associates would work.

This is where Wright’s secretary worked.

And, finally, this was a meeting room.

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10 thoughts on “Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

  1. the wife grew up 2 houses down. Our wedding reception was in their yard. Know that area well. Excellent recap and photos, as usual.

  2. oo – i totally wanted to check this out! i read about them in my chicago guidebook when i came out to visit a long while ago. never seems to be time to do this, tho!

    i saw a beautiful house of his in LA:

    maybe next time i come out to see you i can check these out!

  3. The read “Loving Frank” is historical fiction about FLW and the woman that he had an affair with for many years. It’s a page turner- check it out.

  4. I have not been to the home and studio. I have visited the Dana House in Springfield, IL, Taliesin in Spring Green, WI, Kraus House in Kirkwood, MO, Hagan House, AKA Kentuck Knob near Ohiopyle, PA and Fallingwater near Bear Run, PA.

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