Homemade Vanilla Extract

May 2nd, 2012 · No Comments

Madagascar vanilla beans from beanilla.com.

Vodka and a glass jar to store the homemade vanilla extract.

Getting the vanilla beans ready. (I did not use all of these!)

Cut the beans…

…then scrape the pulp and seeds out.

Put the beans in the jar along with the pulp and seeds.

Pour in the vodka.

Shake it up and then let it sit in a cool, dark place. Occasionally give the jar another shake.

I got really interested in trying to make my own vanilla extract, so I read up on how to do it and found out that you really only need three things: A glass bottle with a stopper, some booze (vodka, rum or bourbon will do), and vanilla beans. I got my bottle and my beans from Beanilla.com and used up some vodka that we’ve had here at the house for quite some time. The ratio of vanilla beans to liquor is 2:1 according to Martha Stewart. I’ve also seen others suggest a 3:1 ratio. Basically, all you do is put the beans in the vanilla, place it in a cool dark place, and let it sit for 3-5 months or more. You can slice the bean and scrape the seeds if you’d like too, but not everyone says to do this. I’m coming up the 3-5 months of sitting now and will have to report back when I start using my homemade vanilla extract!

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