Brian and Sara’s Wedding Ceremony

Waiting for the boat at the Mocambo Restaurant.

Our ride, the Caribbean Princess.

View of isla from the ferry.

Larry, Josh, Brett, Todd and Marty boarding the boat.


“I’m on a boat!”

Andy couldn’t resist the pole!

Arriving at Zama.

The seating cards were inserted into limes. Neat idea!

The menu – Tixin-Xic Fish, Carne Asada, Potatoes au Gratin, Steamed Vegetables.

Emily & Mitch

Christine, me, Vanessa

Damian & Vanessa

Josh, Lynda, and Trevor getting drinks.

Kilmer & Jess were in our row for the ceremony.

Vanessa & Lynda were in front of us.



Brian and Officiant Josh.

Todd, Danielle, Nate

Adam & Chloe

Mike & Carrie

Sara & her parents

Sara & her parents

Sara & her parents

Sara & her mom

Josh did a great time conducting the ceremony.

Danielle, Chloe, Carrie

The Rings

The Kiss


Sara and Brian were married at the Zama Beach Club, which is a gorgeous venue located on the shores of the secluded Sac Bajo area of Isla Mujeres. To get to Zama, all of the wedding guests took a short walk from our hotel, Ixchel Beach Hotel, to the Magana Dock, which is next to the Mocambo Restaurant. While many of the ladies preferred to be in the enclosed lower level of the boat so they didn’t mess their hair up, I thought the open upper deck was the place to be. The ride was really fun and very beautiful. Even if I did have to watch Andy pole dance (not so beautiful).

Upon arrival at Zama, we all walked down a long pier to get to the beach club. There was a big open palapa with a bar and a marble dance floor, a smaller palapa where we’d be having dinner, and seating set up on the beach for the ceremony. There was a bit of time (15 or 20 minutes) before the ceremony was to start, so of course, everyone got drinks… which we still had while being seated and watching the ceremony. If you know any of these people, this is not odd!

The guys were all dressed in casual suits with tropical flowers on their lapels and the girls all had gorgeous, long, plum-colored dresses. Sara looked beautiful, of course, in her long, strapless gown, carrying flowers whose colors coordinated with the girl’s dresses. Josh was the wedding officiant and conducted a very heartfelt ceremony that included both Mayan traditions and personal touches that you’d only know if you were friends with Brian and Sara. Very nice.

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